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Nervous about my holidays

Going on my holidays in 4 weeks and don't want to spoil it for my fellow holiday buddies with my every day pain. Currently on 2500mgs of gabapentin which does not help with the pains. Can feel my anxiety creeping up as the days go by.... every time I go back to the docs they just say up the gabapentin because it sounds like fibro pains!! 😟

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All I can suggest is that you try meditation each day it takes practice but will, given time, reduce anxiety, often just the thought of being away from home can set me off. Try to take a different view on things, you are going on holiday, and I hope you have a great time. xx


Just had a fibro friend come back from holiday where. Some days or nights she stayed back at the hotel slept, read and relaxed everyone wins


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I'm on gabapentin too and I'm going abroad in 5 weeks. Could your anxiety be excitement? Though, my GP felt my illness has brought on an anxiety disorder possibly. I think a few others have experienced this too, I couldn't even say hi to my neighbour one day when I used to stay at her house and all sorts.

I'm trying medication just now to ease it weirdly they make you nauseous and anxious.. I would try again with your doctor or another one I had mentioned it a few times before anything was done about it. I've also been offered help with dealing with having a chronic illness.

Hope its eases up for you


I am so genuinely sorry to read of how you are feeling about your holidays and I want to sincerely wish you a wonderful time.

All my hopes and dreams for you



First relax, as that will help.

Plan what you do between now and the holiday and especially on holiday.

Your friends know you and want you to have a good time.


Hi janelpu3 :)

Plan, prepare & pace :)

Wishing you the best of times remember to take regular rest breaks and only do what you can, if too fatigued recharge yourself so that you can enjoy the next exciting trip, or lay on the beach because otherwise you'll chase the fatigue throughout the holiday :)

In my experience good friends are usually understanding of these things if they are aware of our health issues. If you are concerned you could possibly have a get together before you go away to explain that you are concerned about your pain problems and don't want them to spoil the holiday for you or them. This way they are informed before you go :)

Healing fluffies for you {{{{{ janelpu3 }}}}}

xxx sian :)


I'm sorry to hear that your meds are not holding the pain.

For your anxiety perhaps ask your GP about propanolol, it's a beta blocker but is also used to treat ancient.

I hope you manage to feel relaxed enough to enjoy your holiday.

Becky. X


You might get a Tens unit or a EMS unit to help with pain.


Hi I was on gabapentin and my doctor just kept upping the dose, then saw different doc who changed me to pregabalin and tramadol, got a bit more relief so perhaps you should go back and make it clear your meds are not working.



I am going on holiday too on 15th August to a villa with my family and am getting anxious as well. I explained my limitations to them so I have decided if I can't manage things then so be it I will just lounge by the pool. It's hard I know because even when my family say they understand the reality can be different. I get the "oh no not that again" look and even my husband gets annoyed because I don't like going away from home where I can live within my limitations. I have had to learn to do what my body can do and not what others would like me to be doing. It's a hard thing to do I know. Hope you enjoy yourself. You are not alone


Thanks everyone, I am back at the docs tomorrow so hopefully I can sort some different medication.


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