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Weird day for me!!!

Well what a strange day I have had...slept quite well and woke with just being stiff and slight pain in my up and washed and still felt ...well OK...bit fuzzy but not as bad as usual. BUT ............every time I got up to walk to the bathroom or kitchen ,my leg which was in raging pain two days ago had no pain ...infact no pain anywhere !! yet I had not taken pain killers since last night ( bonus I hear you say ) Problem is I feel drunk when I stand up My legs are all wobbly and I am staggering as if to fall over,I am actually walking like I have been on the I haven't!! I also have a feeling like my voice is eckoing in my head. See I did say I am having a weird day.

The plus side of all this is I do feel better long as I sit still.....but I can't just sit here all day.

Don't get me wrong I am glad to be almost pain free but its just Weird to be like a wobbly man!!! wonder if anyone else has this ......

Oh well love and light to you all hope your day was good in some least we get rainbows through the rain.......and I can remember dancing !!!

Rainbowdancer x x x

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Love n Light to you too Rainbowdancer....yes I have that too....sometimes I sway so hard that if there wasn't sommink to hold onto I'd be on the floor!! I think imbalance is part of Fibro too sugar x x


Oh thanks I did Wonder x x


That's cool's good too share experiences as sometimes u realise ur not alone.

Hugs x x

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Well done on having a painfree day Rainbow dancer.

Goodness only knows why you felt so wobbly - maybe your blood pressure or blood sugar had dipped ... just guessing but I'd say chocolate sounds like a solution lol

If you have to have a day just sitting still then go for it - catch up with a few old films or something (I have a backlog of Star Trek Voyager I keep for those days) - the rest will do you good.

((((( gentle hugs )))))

Julie xx


Thanks Guys ............Well the wobblyness lasted all day and up to me going to bed. All I could do was walk carefully when on the move ,and enjoy the no-pain moments . I was able to do a few things I was not able to do when in pain ,ie; bank and corespondence (boring stuff but has to be done lol ) I am pleased to say I also had an almost full nights sleep,slept well for 6 hrs and then another 4 after that and still dare I say excrutiating pain....weird to not be feeling any,but bit concerned because my hands and feet feel like pins and needles.

If I poke the tender spots they hurt but am not reelling in pain.

I do hope you are all OK today and thank-you for replying to me. It is wonderful to have some support at last.

Gentle hugs all round x x


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