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back spasm and wobly legs???

The other day when I woke up my back went into complete spasm. it lasted for about 10 mins

when I eventually got out of bed my legs felt very wobbly and my hands wouldnt grip

I found myself stumbling all day

today my legs still dont feel right

now I have had twitches in my back before alot more than in my legs

but never like the other day

has this happened to anyone else

soft hugs

Penny xxx

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I'm sorry your feeling rough Penny :( I've suffered from spasms for years and to be honest my legs are wobbly anyway! hahaha although I am tripping up more often. I find my hands don't grip well some days, I just try to keep squeezing a stress ball or something to keep them moving.

Good luck hunni, hope your feeling better soon



Thank you very much for your reply I am still new to fibro and not sure what is fibro and what isnt lol

I will try the stress ball

I think I just got worried as it was the first time my back did that

soft hugs xxx


Oh Bless you Penny, yes it is all the wonderful assortment of symptoms that Fibro gives to us. It is a scary experience when these things spring on us.

Hope you are a little better today? x x x


Thanks sue I thought it was fibro just checking lol I have been unsteady on my feet for a little while just seems to be worse now oh well

hope you are feeling better than last week

gentle hugs xx


im so sorry , this fibro is something from another planet, i have twiches in my elbows , hands and in my legs, i have been falling over a lot lately, so much so i am taking my walking stick with me every day , the worst thing i get is in my face, on my left hand side near the eye i have a contual twitch,it drives me up the wall , i sit there and hold my face to stop it while i am talking to people , as i get embarrasted, the other twitch is along my right side of my cheek , when this happens my face goes knumb and as silly as it sound i get like pins and needls in it, but the worse thing is that when this happens it makes my head shack and i dont know what has happeded to the seconds while this is happening, , when its bad i have it all day, and i cant drive as i am frightened that those few seconds some one could come out in frount of me, so i have to stay local and use my little sit and ride , since christmas i have had a lot of stress and my fibro has got so much worse, i was only sayingt to my husband today how this has changed my kife , a few years a go i was an energetic woman, that was always being told to sit down, now i cant stand up with out my stick, i hope yours is not getting any worse , and i whish you all the best , hope this is of help sue xx


It happens to me a lot,in fact ,it's doing it today I've had an IBS problem and it's put my back into spasm.It'll go but my legs are like jelly and sitting or standing is equally painful today.It can be scarey but we're all here to help and support you.

Soft Hugs



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