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Well another week!!! AAAARRRGGGGGGGGGGGG

This week

1. Turned down for my NEW DLA claim (change of circumstance)

2. Harrassed and Bullied in work off Managing Director

3. MD wants access to my GP records

4. Breech of contract from my employers

5. No wheelchair from GP - after op on 11.07.12 can't use crutches

6. Need someone to talk to about Employment Rights

7. Need help on Constructive Dissmissal

8. Need help leaving a well paid teaching job and going on benefits

All in all... I am giving up fast as as the above has driven me into the ground and exacerbated ALL my disabilities.

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hello tibby there was someone on here who had wheelchair that she was williing to lend but i am sorry cannot remember who she was you do need to get some advice so sorry you have had a bad week take care love beth


Sorry to hear you've been having such a rough time - sounds like a job for CAB!


sweety you know the wheelchair is here i live in london but will bring it to you via my carer driving if that is what it takes. do not give in to work bullies .... remember god sends these things to turn us into toledo steel . steel that has been thru the fire is unbeatable unbreakable and the finest there is. you are special cos god doesnt make junk. see cit advice asap or contact legal aid .try not to stress think silly stoopid happy thoughts if you can. for instance i bought a small bowl that has a wheel on lid that turns blades inside to chop up salads etc. well I put an onion in and it did not work.told the carer to throw it out cos it was cheap junk. she looked at it and said have you tried taking the cardboard off the blades that might help..we both rolled over laughing...... chin up we loves you petal


Hi tibby,

I am going through a tough time at work too and am currently off work with anxiety and depression. Are you a member with a union? They can be really helpful. Also have you seen occupational health? X


Hi Hira

Today I have been to the CAB, spent an hour over the phone to Unite and drove 12miles in the heat to a DIAL which is no longer in Romford.

Unite said they could not help me as I've got to go through the grievence procedure first, the only problem is that I am being bullied and suffering harrasment by my line manager, the head of HR and the company director.



Hi, sorry to hear you are having such a rough time. My company was making redundancies when my Fibro was diagossed. In the end (after 1 year in the sick) I agreed to go. I didn't have any other choice. I had been off long term sick and I couldn't do my job anymore. It was tough, life changed overnight for my family. I had excellant wages and a company car, my husband wasn't working (he was a stay at home dad). We had to make changes to survive. Now 6 years later, my husband works full time and we rely on Tax credits to help pay the bills. I also lost my DLA last year and currently appealing ESA. In January I was diagosed with a connective tissue disorder which is causing me more pain and fatigue. I have to try and stay positive, we managed to keep our home and have two great kids and I know people who have been through tougher times that myself. Good luck and try not to get to stressed as it will make your symtons worse x


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