Gigglo..........does it say that ......... no it must be Gloy Glue here I go again..... how many times no how many lines

should I have gone to spec savers? This seems to be a recurrent problems rather like dislexia but with my eyes. I look at a word and say it and I find I have transposed the first few letters. It can be histerical sometimes just plain annoying!

I know what it should read but I see quite different ------------sometimes it puts a rather rude slant on my daily life but it does make me laugh! Thank goodness! The ability to understand the simplicity which is ridicule. To laugh at ones self or rather and most importantly with one self!

Having started this my mind has gone blank and I fail to remember any more words that I have misplaced shall we say . Oh here is one Par cark . I am sure I can not be alone in this so hands up guys who else does it?


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  • Yesterday I was hard putbto rememberbthe name of my grandson whonis staying with me for a few weeks I kept saying hey you and he laughs and says whose me and yes I know what you mean about gobblrdy gook words I look at the keyboard type out the words even read them back they make perfect sense but oh what a mixture of letters they are not even words of any kind

    My daughter who loves me loads sends me a message mom you talking s#@t agsin go have sleep lol

  • glad it is not just me :) xgins

  • You're not alone at all gins, I go though exactly the same, yesterday I was trying really hard to remember the name of a friends sister. I often go through the alphabet trying out names in case it comes to me. Anyway, the name did come to me last night as I was really sleepy and I remember feeling pleased that I'd "got" it..................this morning, woke up and can. I think of the name........nope .....drat drat drat........I have to get it as I need to send her a card of condolence....... Foggy departs back into her fogginess in the vain hope it might just pop back into the space where once resided her brain.....

  • Oh yes it happens and I had my glasses on .. I had a message from Ladymoth saying new month new thread I immediately read it as new moth new thread and rushed to blogs to see the new moth and the new blog of course it wasnt moth at all so instead of seeing a new photo it was the same one.... Could have been worse could have been a naked moth...

    VG x

  • I do it all the time reading and speaking.

    I remember a ronnie barker sketch on wordplay that a friend used to quote

    "the ine fart of pis- mo-unication!"

    I'd missed an episode of a soap not long ago. flicking through the on-screen tv guide I saw it listed for during the night. I set it to "timer record" and went to bed.

    next day I sat down to watch "Emmerdale", pressed play and on came the x-rated "Emmanuel!" - that's my story and I'm sticking to it!


  • I wondered why you asked me if I had a 1970s whicker peacock chair........... :o

  • :D

  • I also say things muddled up and sometimes they do not go in with what we are saying,and my OH goes "what " I repeat it and he hasn't got a clue. I also try to think of a word when talking and its gone, so I describe what I mean and OH says the word for me eventually.....its really funny sometimes

    . I actually said to one of my daughters friends "don't you look a fart smeller" and my daughter said " Mum " I honestly thought I said it right! lol :-) and a trip to the airport made them all I asked my daughter were they flying from Gatport airwick,or Heathport Aero we did all laugh but I still get them wrong.

    Lovely fluffy hugs to all x xx <3

    Rainbow x x

  • You all will remember the ronnie Barker sketch with the Fork Handles = four candles one of the worlds favourites xgins

  • i read the Title and thought it said Gigolo !! ha ha

    Parcark ? thats what we always call it, oh and hoghedge

  • my friend's mum used to say hippo-rhinotamus!

  • my friend used to say roidicoy instead of corduroy my Mum and i still say it

  • Oh I'm a big par cark user too! I say and read lots of words incorrectly. I'm also becoming a speaker of lists of words, before I reach the desired one. It's so frustrating for my children and their patience wears thin on my foggiest of days. Good job they love me...

  • at least we can smile :)

  • Glad I'm not alone. Lost count of the times I've done a double-take when I've read something rude only to find it's totally innocuous - thought it was just my filthy mind :D

    Possibly my most famous mouth muddle was multi cary store park. Family still rib me about it and ask me if that's where I left my car. No respect! x

  • Pobody's Nerfect!

  • I DO go to specsavers and I still get my words mixed up!! My daughter's favourite is my mispronunciation of Cilitbang!!! Clitbang!!!!! XXXX

    Hope I don't get shouted at for writing this!!! XX

  • oh sue that is funny xgins

  • I'm glad you found it funny gins!!! I haven't been kicked off then!!!! XXXX

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