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No more fit note's

Hi All, went to Dr's friday, she had been on holiday so not seen her for a month. Last time she sent me for fasting blood tests then said she would put me forward for hip replacement. I saw a different Dr for blood test result,He said he thought I must have missheard her re the ( hip repl ) but test results were ok and needed checking again in 3 months due to thyroid. Now Dr say's she does not remember saying about hip replacement and there is nothing in MRI scan. I asked for fit note and said DLA had been refused so I do not know what happens now, she said she has letter which say's she should not give me any more fit notes ( had letter since may apparently). I said what about my hips they are still very painful and have been since the beginning of all this 2 yrs now since it started at work. She then gave me note to go for X-ray and said I will give you a note for two weeks but will be unable to give you any more as it comes back on me. I went for the x-ray at lunchtime friday. I have been so upset since and don't know what to do or who to turn to. How can this treatment be right when I have been the sole parent to bring up 5 kids and get worn out whilst the other parent has been alowed to neglect his parental duties by the same country that is condeming me as a work shy scrounger. I feel so tired and worn out with all this stress. since the travel to birmingham by taxi and back on monday I have been in intense pain with my back and am crying for the first part of most day's, where will it all end.

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That is awful for you. Do you know who is putting pressure on your doctor not to give you anymore sick notes? This just doesn't seem right does it? Surely what the doctor says about you ability to go to work is totally down to her professional body and not subject to an external agency. Personally I think you need to do a bit more probing about this and perhaps think about bring complaints about whoever this third party turns out to be.

((((( gentle hugs )))))

Julie xx


Agreed 100%!


Hi Tupney,

It doesn't sound good at all, I feel that maybe you should write a letter to the practice manager explaining all the above, expressing your worries about seeing the doctor when you need time off for ill health, and she has clearly told you not to ask anymore or it will come back on her, this is most defornatley bad practice and only cause your condition to worsen, Please don't be put off or bullied, it seems as though Atos are throwing there weight around a little to much and thats not cool.

Big hugs Ingrid xx


hi how awful what on earth is going on surely if your original GP said all this he would have written it down on the screen they normally wriite all that sort of thing on the screen i know when i go i say to my GP pain in hips and legs bad etc etc andd she writes into the computerand then writes have suggested and given a full blood count and also suggested a hip replacement??

so did your GP not write all the consultation down as that is normal practice for them to do this ???

if i was you i would make an appointment with your GP who told you all this or a completely different one and then tell them the date you had that consultation and what you were tod and then see if it is written in your notes if not explain what happened

i know when i see a different GP ijust say i came a few weeks ago ref blah blah they click on my notes and say oh yes and Doctor ??? has writtten he examined you and gave you ??? and suggested you have a ??? so i would def make another appointment and go through all this

good luck with it all love diddle xx


Oh hon. How stressful (and painful!). You got some good advice here. Dig in your heels...abd get to the bottom of this (yes, exhausting). Don't the this dr bully you! Some drs just want to wash their hands of us...if you can, can you go to a new GP? This one does not sound very helpful or indeed supportive! A.x


My advice is if you can see another doctor mine use to give me a sick note for 6 months he has since retired and the one I see now has given me an indefinite one so I'm covered but I have been sent to pain clinic where I had acupuncture but can't have any more as kirklees won't pay for it they don't see it as a valid treatment or somesuch thing, but as I say if you can see another doctor it may work out for you good luck. Sithy


Hi all, Thank you so much for your input, I think I am going to try and get to a different Drs practice. It will be quite hard as the current one is the nearest and that takes me nearly 25 mins now on a bad day, the worst thing is it is all up hill on the way home and my thigh's dont seem to want to work. It will be a joke if they put me on jobseekers. I won't be able to claim that I don't think. Well nite all, soft hugs all round edna xx


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