Burning sensation

Evening all. Since Xmas I have had this horrid burning itching sensation down my spine, it started at the bottom and has slowly worked its way up so now most of my spine is burning itching and all iam putting on it is anti flamatry cream it does take this sensation away for a wile but it always comes back. Any ideas as what could be causing this. I don't have any sores spots ect my back is clear

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  • Do see your GP if possible, this could be a type of nerve pain we fibromites get all sorts of odd symptoms however it needs investigation. Wishing you well. Lou x

  • Thankyou for your reply. Iam going to make another appointment to see my doctor as I also get severe groin and leg pain with it.

  • When all this started with me I had a band of burning pain around my back and front. It then settled on my left side and in patches down my spine and radiating out. I had an MRI and there was no actual disc damage general degeneration of the spine and it was put down to neuropathic pain.

    I sometimes feel as those nerves are trapped and when I have this feeling the burning always seems to be more intense and I know it is a horrible feeling. Just wondered that whether instead of the anti inflamatories whether you have tried a cold gel instead as often if I get that burning sensation in my calves or hands I mix the freezing gel with some ibuprophen gel and gently rub it in and it does seem to help,

    I was also put on Pregablin for this burning, knifing pain in my spine and I must say it has helped it immensely. I am not saying it has gone (I only wish it would) but it seems to have dampened down alot and even when I do get it it is never the intensity that I had it before.

    If this is a new pain for you and because it is so prolonged I do think it might be worth mentioning to your GP. Hope you find something that helps you.x

  • Thankyou for your reply my doctor knows about this and I have started taking pregabalin but it doesn't seem to touch it as it is still as bad as ever I also have groin and leg pain with this and it is unbearable at times. Oh well another trip to the doctors :((

  • I don't know how long you have been taking the Pregablin but it did not work for me right away I just realised after a period of weeks that the burning and stabbing sensation had got much better and I was actually being able to breathe normally and the sensations had halved. Yes I am sitting here at the moment trying not to move my leg as my groin pain has been bad again the last few days.

    Hope when you see the doctor they can do something to help you.x

  • I am on pregabalin 600mg and zapain the best thing for me was physio for the pain in my legs and groin hope it helps😀

  • Thankyou Christine. I have physio next Tuesday so hope it helps

  • I am so sorry to read this, and I would discuss it with your GP just to have other illnesses ruled out of the equation? I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thankyou Ken much appreciated

  • hi ive have been waking with really bad back pain for the last couple of weeks to the point i have a job to mve in the mornings i also suffer thigh pain every day i currently take zapain for the pain and perskindol rub on my back hope you feel bit of relief soon joanne think im going to see the gp if it carries on as my husband says the gp will usually say its the fibro but ther is a chance that it might not be take care joanne

  • Thankyou joe I know my doctor always puts everything down to fibro. But I have had fibro for 10 years and this is all new to me and I told her so, she looked at me as if I was telling lies .

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