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I have been up since 4.15 am but awake a good hour and a half before that it is stupid just laying there tossing and turning and cant get comfy wellno need to go on you all know how it is

so i get up my doggy jus looks at me with one eye and falls back to sllep again when i go downstairs where he is a sleep in his basket bless him

I am now having my 2nd cuppa and hoping the cafine will kickin lol

i canttake my doggy out for a walk yet as it is still dark and i dont like walking the streets whilst it is dark and they put all the streets lamps off here now at midnight and they go on again about 5.30 am i think so will wait until about 6 am before i take him not that he seeems bothered dreamingaway

oh well i hope that you all had a better night love to you all diddle xxxxxx

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Morning Diddle I too have been up since four having tossed about since 2 when the dogs suddenly needed to go out (not like them) still at least they asked rather than being messy. Now I am on second coffee still trying to make my eyes work properly and my fingers! I agree you shouldnt go for walks till it ois light you just never know who might be about!

Take care x gins


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