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Stupid O'Clock

Hello everyone,

Well I've been up since 6:20 am again.....It's ridiculous. Grrr. I'm on amytriptaline (think that's how you spell it) I now have three of the 50mg tablets an hour before bed, and I've also tried just having two before bed, and then leaving one for when I wake up in the middle of the night. But it's not working. I know already that by 9/10am I'll be asleep for an hour at least and then probably again this afternoon. It could just be the lovely sunny early mornings, I don't know. I'd just love to sleep in later than 7am. I'm not asking for much, although I've now learnt that I need to accept being awake of a morning early morning and see how each day takes me. It's just something that I need to accept about myself through Fibro. Oh well. See how we get on tomorrow :) xxxxx

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Hiya, I too have been up since "the crack of dawn" I slept for 5 hours, interspaced by 3 visits to the loo and 5 position changes :-( I too take amitriptyline although not such a high dose as you.

I've not had a decent, full uninterrupted nights sleep now for many years...fibromyalgia has a lot to bloody answer for :-D

I hope you have a pain free day :-D


Hi Bearess,

Thank you, yes I also deal with the trips to the loo and position changes. Thank you for your kind comments. Gentle hugs to you :) xxx


I know it is not a competition but I slept from 11.00 till 4.00 and by 5.00 I have to be out of bed that doesnt take into account 2 trips to the loo. I have been doing this for a long time the family all laugh at me. I dont take sleeping pills I would love to sleep more but I suspect this is me and how my body sleeps.

Nice to know others are up and about early :) zgins


Hi gins,

Thank you for your comment hun. Yes I've been awake earlier but have always tried to drift off a bit more hoping that I'll wake up later but if this is what I need to do then its what I need to do. But yes nice to know that I'm not alone. xxxx


I take dosulepin at night 75mg I did try amatriptaline but it made me so sleepy I could sleep for England... I take my dosulepin and 0,5 mg clonezapam at 10pm every night ... Buy 11pm I am drowsy .. By midnight I am asleep

And the alarm wakes me at 7 am .... It's taken 21 years to find this combo and at last its wonderful... I can't take anything for the pain in the day ... But after a nights sleep everything seems that much more bearable ...

I,m not trying to sound smug ... Cos I would love some day pain relief ... But if you keep trying I hope there is a perfect med combo for sleep for us all

VG x


Hi VG,

Don't worry hun, your not smug. I used to be able to sleep for longer. I increased my meds because I felt that my body had become used to them so the doctor said it was okay. I'm slightly nervous about changing my meds. Last time I changed my medication was when I tried Tramadol instead of Dihydrocodeine but I had a bad reaction to it and ended up in hospital. But if I'm still having problems then I will talk to my gp about it and go from there. Thanks VG for your lovely comments xxx



So nice to know you're not alone. My biggest problem is now I am back working - I feel like a zombie when I get up. I go to the toilet in the night over 3 times but thought that was just me. I rarely get more than 3 - 5 hours sleep a night but this can be in loads of combinations - not getting to sleep in the first place, waking up early or a big awake session in the middle of the night. My GP has just told me I have to live with it but I agree with VG - I think sleep wiuld make everything else a bit more bearable - my GP thinks if she can get a handle on the pain I will sleep more. Both are probably true - I tried amytriptiline, tramadol, diazepan, zopiclone etc etc and none of them touch me. I take 2 x 30mg codeine at night or day with paracetamol for pain but have to laugh when everyone goes on about codeine making them sleepy - it does nothing for me:)

I do sympathise and hope some of the suggestions on here might help - I certainly have noted VG combination to have up my sleeve if the GPs way does not work.


HI Suzy,

Thank you so much for your comment. I was just going to leave another blog post because last night...... I slept for 8 hours!!!! wooo. Lols. Yesterday I'd been up since 6:20 again :( I do think sleep makes things more bearable. Take care hun, gentle hugs, here to talk anytime :) xxx


I no longer take amitriptyline, but I'm now on butrans patches 20mcg, sleep a bit better. Trouble is I sleeping in fits and starts but work days I have to be up at 5 am and don't get home till 9.30pm. You'd think after that I'd sleep better but no! What's going on! I hope everyone managed some sleep last night, got an early start tomorrow again but benefit is I only do this 3 times a week. I still don't sleep on nights off. I would like to go to 2 long days a week but can't afford it at the moment.

Love and hugs to all. Becky x


Hi Malwimmy,

Thank you for your comment. I honestly thought that upping my amytriptalyne meds would help. Had a good sleep last night so see how go tonight. Take care and gentle hugs xxx


I'm pleased to hear you had a good sleep last night. I really do hope you sleep as well again tonight.

Gentle hugs to you too xx


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