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At times I am terrible clock watcher and I admit it openly. Even my hubby comments on me always checking the time. I do it for all sorts of reasons and even during the night. If I have the tv on upstairs I am constantly clicking the info button to see what time it is. I do not have a clock in the room as I thought it may stop me doing this when it starts. If I get to sleep and then wake up I have to go and check the time. Even when it is close to tea time I am checking so I do not miss the time to put tea on. Now I am clock watching as it is getting close to bed time. Someone suggested it may be OCD, but I do not think so as it does not happen ALL the time. I can suddenly stop for months on end and then it will start again and last for months. This latest round of clock watching started roughly when this fibro flare began, nearly 7 full weeks ago, so I am wondering if anyone else is like this and if there is a link with fibro. And just before going to hit the post button I checked the time again xxxxx

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  • I'm for ever checking the time to see if I can have another dose of something. I cut down my doses of pain medication so that I can have them more often - not sure it works at all now!

  • Well right now I am getting close to my bedtime, not that I sleep lol.xxxxx

  • I constantly lose track of time which is why I am usually still here at 2am most nights lol! ;) :P

  • lol xxxxx

  • my memory can be so bad that I don't remember where the clock is

  • Lol! Now that is a problem Bob! :O

  • At least I do not have to look fr the clock as I do not have one lol xxxxx

  • I think this is just a sign of anxiety caused by flare up. I get very anxious about all sorts of things. I clock watch at work because I spend nearly the whole day wanting to go home so I can lay on the sofa with the telly on cuddled up to my dog and two cats.

  • Yeah I was thinking that as it only surfaced again with the flare, or within days of it appearing. I know it is not OCD as I have that problem with teatowels, I have to cut the labels off them. Even in shops that sell them I want to cut off all the labels lol xxxxx

  • Never heard of that before, I boil all my tea towels and if I was to drop one while putting them on the clothes horse to dry it goes straight back in the wash, no 5 second rule about being on the floor such a short time that no harm can be done. (my son - the chef !!!!!!)

    By the way do you have a problem with labels in clothes irritating you. I can't bear them and have to put my nightie on the second I get in from work as I can't be in clothes any longer.

    Lynne x

  • I find labels irritate me and it can be quite ainful at times. If it is a special item that needs specific wash instructions I cut the label off and wirte the instructions down for it. Oh and by the way I am the same with labels on flannels and bath towels lol, as soon as bought they are off. But hubby will not let me cut them off the new towel bales he bought grrrrrrrrrrrr xxxxx

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