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Not feeling very well :-(

Not feeling very well :-(

I had incident last Monday a cabinet fell on my head front forehead supporting and arms hands and since then my neck head and hands and down spine feels so rough and feel nauseus often and not my self.

Driving is pretty difficult as hands painful. Neck muscle spasms are back oooch

This is just to add on top of already having cervical spinal root cord compression .

Cannot use any pressure on anything eeek

Hope it passes and be back to reasonable tolerance of the hurting :-(

Sweet dreams alll lots of love


Just feeling a wee bit sorry lol xxxxxxx

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Hi fairycazzie. So sorey to hear your in (even more ) pain :-( I trust that you have seen a gp/ went to hospital regarding this accident and have been given the 'all clear'. My sis had a bery similar accident while cleaning one day and dislodged an old tv which had been stored on top of her bedroom wardrobe , on to her head ouch! . Like you she was in considerable pain from the impact - head, jaw,neck,shoulders & arms and complained of feeling naseous disorientated and 'detached' from her body after the incident. Turned out to be severe concussion and that feeling of not quiet belonging to her own body lasted a few weeks afterwards.

Please look after yourself take things easy and if your symptoms get worse dont hesitate to seek medical attention. Living with fibro means we tend to attribute every ache and pain to the illness and risk overlooking other illnesses or contributing factors which can indicate the onset of a new medical condition.

I do hope your feeling better soon xxx



^ sorry ^ very


hello fairycassie hope you feel better soon take care

love beth x


Hi fairy cazzie

Sorry to hear about this accident and the effect

As dixies daughter said I think it would be a good idea to get yourself checked for concussion.

Hope you soon start to feel better




Hi Fairycazzie, poor you, what an awful thing to happen but i also think you need checking out asap.....concussion can manifest itself i many ways and thats before fibro!!!! Please get looked at and let us know how you get on...Much love.....Charlii xx


Morning Fairy cazzie what a rotten accident poor you you sound in need of tea and sympathy . I too think you should beetle off to Docs and have a check for concussion can be very nasty. Take care hun hugs((((((((((((((((((((()))))))))))))))) xgins


Please get checked urgently not only concussion but ooss blood clot problem please please go to doc asap


Hi everyone, sure i will survive i been ski driving the snow today checking work,

Think just rember when my neck went 2011 it severely hurt.

But this hurt then gradual got more and symptoms thats what lead to MRI

I already am on lyrica 500mg and pain relief and lansoperazole which helps my sickness but not lately .

I always say ohhh am sure it will pass its just a phase!

Even the Dr says it to me now lol last time i saw her hahaha said you say its just a phase it will pass.

I will have it on my Grave stone HAHAHa ohh its just a phase it will pass.

Dixiesdaughter, Kaz, charli, gins & Beth and what DD said yeah it is familiar i once had another cabinet (cabinets love me ) i left door open and stood up and that made me feel really sick see stars and had to sit down , i was driving too did not feel good, the next customer was ONG you should be laid up after 1st going hospital, i never went

I had a massive bruise and a cut in my head but left it, thats poss why the neck went in 2011 as it all started 3 month after and told Dr but said nothing then when MRI and results came all asked about car accident, repeating myself like a parrot to everyone no but a cabinet.


Anyway loose women cuppa and wotsit sandwich lol very tired , girls at wrk .

Think maybe a cancelation tho with snow ohps

Hows you lot today x


Awww hope you get better real soon hunni and the docs help. Big hugs xxxxx


hi Lovely

I won't ask what you were doing when the cabinet fell as theanswer may not be suitable for this site ;)

In my headstone i will have ALL PART OF THE CONDITION ha ha

i will pm you soon xx


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