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Severe pain in my pelvis


I woke on Sunday with severe pelvic pain. I feel like I have just had a baby, when I sit down

The pain goes right up inside to my stomach, when I wee it hurts, walk & standing hurts too. I have a twisted pelvis for 20 yrs & this pain is different. Has anyone got the same or even any idea what's wrong. I'm on maximum pain killers & not really helping.

Thank you

Debs xx

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Bearing in mind I am not a medical person the fact that it hurts when you we sounds like you have an infection somewhere... I would get an appointment with your GP as soon as possible .. And if you can take a wee sample with you ....

VG x

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I agree it sounds like you have an infection I've suffered like this before and it ends up being Cystitis you need to get it checked out ASAP and take a wee sample with you or get a container from the chemist or surgery. Get well soon... Aisha x

It's not cystitis, I know the symptoms to that. It doesn't sting when I wee, the pain is in my pelvis?

google interstitial cystitis ... I have had exactly the same symptoms ! when you get your urine tested no infectioin is present but maybe very small amount of blood. Apparantly it is very difficult to diiagnos hope this is of some help to you. Try & get your G.P to refer you to a urologist.

If you are having trouble getting an appointment go to your local genito urinary clinic at the hospital you can usually be seen that day !

You need to go and see your GP, any new symtoms (especially ones as severe as you're describing) need to be checked out. Not everything is down to fibro- it could be a uti (they can cause bladder pain and it doesn't necessarily sting when you urinate) or something like pelvic inflammatory disease. Please to get checked out ASAP.

I suffer with server pelvic pain feel like i have infection it move down my legs and my back and when its bad i cant walk. See gp tho rule thins out also are your bowels ok?? and have you ever had a op in your plevis as scar tissue can cause pain. I still have not had a diagnosis for it 5 yr later just keep going back. Big hugs xx

If it burns when you wee you got water infection get it tested at the docs, the infection could be spreading up to your kidneys hence the labour feeling dragging feeling in your pelvis hope this helps get well soon chic x

Sounds very much like a urine infection, get it checked out ASAP as I left can make you very ill, even hospitalised x

Hi Sharne, I have had a twisted pelvis for 21 yrs following the birth of my daughter by c section. Had all the private treatment available and there is nothing that can be done. Have you had an X-ray, that's how mine was discovered 10 yrs ago., took them long enough to do anything about it. I hope you find out what's caused your soon. Don't give up with the doctors, they tend to ignore any symptoms and just give you painkillers. Take care

Debs xx

Thank you everyone, I went to the doctors last night and she thinks it's a bladder infection, so I have some antibiotics for 3 days, they have sent a wee sample off, so hopefully all will be fine. I'm surprised to the severity of the pain it has caused & I'm glad I asked you guys because I probably would off left it an put it down to my existing problem.

Debs xx

I get it, apparently referred pain from the base of my spine. Especially when walking, feels like I've been kicked between the legs. It's horrible x

Yes I get that when walking, can walk too far.... It's ridiculous!

Well... I've taken my course of antibiotics and I still have the pain:0(

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