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Twitches/Muscle Spasams

Evening all My Fibro Warriors,

Its been a while since i have asked a question/query, but does anyone suffer with muscle twitches in the face while they are asleep? Sometimes they can be that bad that they will wake me up totally rather the stir me from what sleep that i do have. My lips seem to have it the worst. A majority of the time, its just the corner of my mouth.

When you were a child did anyone ever try and impress your friends with the imaginary needle and thread trick on your top lip and then pretend to pull the thread to make your lip twitch?? That is what mine does, however the twitch is very prominent. Even my daughter has noticed it when i have a "nanna nap" and she even took a picture too, just to show me how far my lip actually went up.I couldn't even open my eye because the twitch was that bad, so my daughter had to gently prize it open as she thought i was messing around to start off with. The other twitch motion that i have is, where both top and bottom lips purse together and i look like i am pouting, although this is a relatively new sensation.

Before all the Elvis impressions started, different parts of my body would jerk/twitch, which i know most people suffer with, however the sensation feels deeper than the "falling sensation" that you get when you are just about to drift off into a deep sleep. This happens when i am, what feels like a deep sleep and my whole body literally shakes the bed. This happened a lot when i was in hospital, as i thought someone was nudging my bed to start off with. Needless to say i didn't get much sleep in hospital.

Now my quandary is, do i shut up and put up or do i make an appointment with my doctor?

Your advise/opinions are greatly appreciated.

Claris :)

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Hi, I would say get it checked I have had similar experiences especially the shaking while sleeping. The doctor thought it could be my migraines, seizures or simply my muscles trying to relax after moving around all day. I would say it's worth investigating. :)


Evening Ms Brightside, thanks for your response. I only suffer with migraines when i am really ill that i need antibiotics type ill, usually tonsillitis and i dont suffer with seizures either. So i will be taking myself off to the doctors next week, i will make an appointment with my GP when she comes back off holiday, once i have got past some of the wanna be hitlers on reception. lol


Aw yeah my doctors receptionists can be the same. Ha ....Hope you get on well at the docs :)


See your G.P. many of us have this, however get you should always get checked out and never just put up with it until you know what you are dealing with. x LOU


Evening Lou, thanks for your advise, as i mentioned to MsBrightside i will be making an appointment to see my GP when she comes back off holiday next week. Kind of glad its not just me that has to put up with this rubbish :(


Hi Claris1

I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing these issues at this time and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. It does not sound very pleasant I must admit?

I am with the others, as anything like this should be checked out by your GP just to rule anything else out? I want to wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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Ditto, something like this could even be a reaction to some medications. Let the doctors sort it out. And the best wishes for you.


Same here. Don't apologise for being ill. Which is essentially what we do. I sometimes get the impression that the loudest in the room are those with nothing serious and the quietest have something to put up with. I hadn't thought about it before but one local hypochondriac was going on about the number of pills they were taking. I told them about mine. Never heard from them again while I was in the room :)

If you feel it needs attention then GP is a must.

And by the by I get twitches regularly (not all the time). I'm mostly unsure what wakes me but feel twitches in face, arms, abdomen, legs that I cannot influence. I'd put it down to fatigue for years.

Good luck.

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Hi I suffer from severe muscle twitches when my whole body jumps my gp didn't seem too worried but it's best to have it checked. Also I get awful leg spasms which are really painful and keep me awake but nobody seems to know what they are or any treatment for it. Sorry can't really help, perhaps check if there are any side effects of medications.

Best wishes


I'm the same as tashgirl. I twitch, spasm, tingle, jerk some point everyday. Facially, twitching alongside left of my mouth/nose was one of my earliest things noticed. Neurologist told about .....ignored. Literally everything is worst on my left side.

I'd say if its bothering you then certainly mention to your dr.



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