Fibox pain

Hi i have fibo i have me bad x pain realy bad where i could cut my legs off with the pain. My doctor sent me to pain climic cause painkillers were just not working on my pain

Said they dont have strong enough tablets thats why sent to pain clinc.for stronger pain killers .but they sent me to pain managment now i finesh the cause doctor refer me up to pain clinc. So they left me with nothink for my pain.doe doctor at pain clinic told me they would give me pain killers at pain managment. But he lied. The only thing i have is co codermals30/500 how can they leave you in so much pain.

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  • Hi fibox pain

    It could be that they are assessing your pain.

    I would speak to GP and ask why it is that your only cocodamal.

    Have your fibro meds been increased.?

    Sending hugs

  • Thankyoux

  • I am so sorry you have been left in so much pain, it is unacceptable to leave you suffering in this way.

    I know GPs have had letters to limit the amount of opiates given to patients and many of our members have fallen foul of this. It could be that this has happened to you too.

    However, you are in pain, you have attended the clinics and you need something stronger so that you can cope.

    I would seek your GPs advice, tell him exactly what is going on and ask for stronger meds.

    It could be that he gives you something for your fibro which would help your pain. Gabapentin, Pregabelin and amitriptyline spring to mind.

    I would also consider getting in touch with your local hospitals PALS service and complain about the way you have been treated by both clinics.

    I hope you get relief very soon.

  • Thankyou and for your advicex

  • How do i get in contact with pals pleAsex

  • You go to the Hospital Trust, which you can find online and which your clinics are part of, there you should see a link about PALS and contacting them to make a complaint.

    Hope this helps.


  • Thankyoux

  • Hi cathy1110

    Please do not give up.

    Pain management is tricky due to the side effects of drugs such as the opiates and benzos and also the usual nerve pain drugs such as lyrica/pregabelin , Neurontin, amytriptilline.

    In the end these drugs cause a lot of the signs and symptoms of fibro and myalgia, back pain, headaches, dry eyes, anxiety, depression, loss of motivation including moving about. These are listed on the various drugs manufacturers Patient Information Leaflets that they have been forced to provide under legislation introduced by Maggie Thatcher.

    A comprehensive website for researching the side effects of drugs is called

    On another posting someone mentions functional drs and functional medicine and how it has helped her. Gut health is mentioned.

    So there is an alternative route to go down is what I am trying to convey so that is why we can never give up.

  • Thankyoux

  • Hi Cathy, sorry you are suffering so bad just now. Have you tried a bath with Epsom salt, or using a magnesium oil spray? Magnesium is very good for us as it helps ease the muscle cramps, it is my legs and my neck that cause the worse pain and this helps ease my leg pain. All the best

  • Thankyou x

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