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Last tue the housing officer called i was out and left a calling card for me to call her ref under habitation i live in 3 bed house with myeld and daugher anyway i got all upset and imagined all sorts of sinarios thay i would be kicked out etc etc anyway my parenys and sister were away so kept it to myself apart fron a friend and my daughter said a friend of hers had it she just said no i am happy here thanks

any way i saw my mum and dad today and told them all about it and like they said they would not leave you a calling card they woulsd send you an official letter but you are not going anywhere so call the lady up and leave her a message saying sorry you missed her and that you are very happy in your home it is adequate for you and your family and you have been here 12 years and now have an illness that you need to be near your family which you are and that your parents have juust spent thousands of pounds in here with whole new decor and new furniture and carpets right through as you spend more time at home now buy yhankyou anyway and leave it at that so thats exactly what i done

and i def feel alot better now it is my downfall i do tend to look on the negative and then my imagination runs riot and i end up i a right state like this week i have lost about 3/4 pound which you make think is not much but when you only weigh jus over 7 stone it is alot

oh well i must learn to chillout more lol

i hope you all have a really lovely evening love to you diddle xx

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hi hon .. i am sure it is a check of some times EU regualtions means that some homes need to be inspected ...

however i am sure your mum and dad are right it would be a letter ..

let us know xx gentle dyslexic hugs


oh diddle your response is the same as mine with all the hassle everyone puts us through we have now come to expect the worst, you have answered them now leave it and try to forget it they might never contact you again.

enjoy the rain tomoro, its bound to rain being bank holiday but take care have some more cake you can have my slice and enjoy.

Lin x


Hi diddle..i know what u feel,it happen before of my husband like that and it ends go to the court.and thers no way they gonna throw u out in ur house. your parents is right,then the sad one is,not our faults.its them.And this time iv plan to move another bongalow or any houses witch is access for my husband ,i hope i can get

So hope it sorted out my dear..takecare and nite nite..xx


Hi Diddle

You sound just like me I panic and stress expecting the worst but I'm sure you'll be ok .sending luv and hugs to you xx


I wouldn't worry,I work for the local housing office and chances r they just wanted to complete a property insperction.Best thing would b to call them tmrw and ask what the visit was about.I know in our council we much prefer to speak to people regularly and get a better idea of there situation.remember they r there to help. Big gentle hugs x


hi and thankyou i feeel alot better now you have said that as you work for he same organisation or similiar and that has made my mind rest alot more thanks again love diddle xxx


Hi diddle what is it about a visit from the housing office that makes you antsi I'm the same when they call its like your a kid again and your being called into the headmasters office or something chin up try not to worry it probably is just an inspector calling to see if anything needs doing we get them now and again stay strong big gentle hugs. Sithy


Well done Didle, I think it is down to the dwp/atos messing us all around so much that whenever anything like this happens we just imagine the worst. When I was awarded my Blue badge I was in total shock, just because somebody had said yes!!


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