Friends and Family don't believe in my condition.

My mother thinks I 'use' my condition becaue I'm apparently 'lazy'. My sister doesn't believe I have a condition at all because one day I'm able to walk into town and another day I can hardly walk to the bathroom (which of course we all know is common for Fibro anyway.)

What do I do about this? It upsets me that I don't get the support I would like, and I don't want these people calling me those names - a lier, lazy etc..

I do admit that I have alot of people who DO support me, such as my fiance, my father etc but it would be nice for everyone to understand me.

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  • i am having the same problem with my friends and they whisper behind my back as if im not there but i hear every word. I Do Not consider this a friend and i am now refusing to speak to them. I am lucky my husband supports me and by son 17 is a blessing in disguise who cleans and chases after me on bad days. as for family get your mum to go with you to the doctors and have him explain your condition for more understanding. i hope you have a better day, ziggy xx

  • As ziggy say's get someone to go with you to see the doctor. sending soft hugs and hope you have better day's ahead. edna xx.

  • Maybe because your mum loves you so much she maybe turning a blind eye to the condition and doesn't like to think of you in so much pain? We can cure laziness but we can't cure our fibro. I am thinking of you and hope you get this resolved as it must be painful hearing these things from the people closest to you x

  • i have just sent a link from u tube to allmy friends and quite a few of them now understand it a lot more it is titled fibromyalgia how i feel. it equates the pain etc to daily things others suffer etc. i emailed it and shared it one face book with a small message that read if you truly are my friend you will spare me seven minutes to watch this and understand me. i have had positive results

  • i get called a dole dosser and that it's an excuse for not going back into work my parents believe me coz my mum's friend has it so i've got support there but friends just think it's an excuse coz i can do sertain things 1 day then cant move the nxt day

  • Look for "A Letter To Normals" on Fibro Action in the Coping section.... xx

  • Some people are just plain ignorant others plain spiteful!!! Perhaps you could find some posters of Fibro ME as one of the silent disabilities and hang them in your bedroom. Become more involved like wearing the band (when it's designed). Let them know blatantly that you are not the only one AND walking to town is you working really hard to cope with this hell condition. Get information regarding prominent people/doctors who have studied this AND I do believe one if the less prominent and older members of the royal family suffers with ME - her name alludes me at the moment. Go for it girl!! I think we all should !! Good luck and grow an extra skin around those spiteful family members they probably don't even realise how hurtful they're being xxxx

  • Hello,

    I've experienced the same thing. There are days when I feel great and think I'm on my way to recovery, then the next day I can hardly get out of bed. I've had so much "free advice" - it drives me insane!! I've been going through this for last 6 years and I had very little support. One of my close friends told me that a part of our friendship was becoming problematic since I was unable to attend social functions when invited. There were times when I was confined to bed, sometimes for days. No calls, no visits, no one to check on me...nothing. Most people say, "You look fine" or "You don't look sick". Therefore, if I look fine, I couldn't possibly be experiencing the excruciating pain that has invaded my body as I stand here before you. Don't let this happen to you. Find some support groups etc. Don't let your family do this to you...this is abusive. Find someone to talk to. Find someone that cares.

    Hang in there!


  • Twice I've been told by a friend "we all have something" how does a person respond to this - she is a homeopath - it makes me feel angry and insulted, perhaps I should pity her instead......

  • Been there done that. My mum didn't beleive me and said if I had any problem it was stress caused by my wife.(probably jelous because I had got remarried)

    Strangely enough the last 2/3 years of her life she was in and out of hospital with various problems which Addenbrookes couldn't diagnose. On almost the last occasion she was in there my sister and I overheard a group of docs discussing her and coming to the conclusion it must be fibromyalgia !

  • Hi how was it discovered that you had this? x

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