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Hi does any body know if this is true that if you have a blue badge (you are then classed as disabled) and so if you go to your local council you can then apply fro a reduction on your council tax and housing benefit?

and also are entitled to other things at a reduced rate like swimming at local pools and cinema tickets etc?

i was talking to someone yesterday and they seemed to think this was the case/ they are classed as partially sighted and are coming up to 56 and they get their council tax paid in full even though they have a husband who is classed as their carer and 1 adult child living at home who works full time

. i didnt know if anyone on here knows anything about all this?

But the trouble is it is different things for different areas, i suppose the best thing to do is go down to the local office and ask they can only say no cant they.

enjoy your day love to you all Diddle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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getting a blue badge is like getting an appointment with the Queen! took my Mum 3 years and housebound with one 'working' for to get a badge :( Ive tried to get one for a year just to give me that little bit of help but Ive no chance. Because I have some 'good' days they say Im eligible for work, Like yeh so How will I know Which days I can go to work and for how long in that day will I be Fine? worth a try tho Diddle x


Hi i have got blue badge had it awek now but jus wondreed bout the other stuff prob best going in to local council office hanks for reply any way and good luck with applying for blue badge again love diddle x


I have had a blue badge for 3 years and dont get any help with rent or council tax as my husband works full time. It may be worth asking as they never tell you things unless you ask. Wish we did tho as i could put the money to better use xxx


no its not true if you got from council and doctor then no you no moor help but if you got of mobility then yes it may be true


hi diddle i get my housing and council tax paid for me as i am on high rate dla on both ,

my partner is my full time carer and i have just applied for my blue bagde....

if you get dla and have a carer you can get into the pictures for the price of one . i know this as i phoned my local pitcures and said that i was on dla and had a full time carer would they have to pay and he said no as i am disabled ....

if you phone your cinama and ask them they should be able to tell you and some will ask if you have a card sorry can not remmeber what the card is called but it gets you in all the place for the price of one person..

hope this makes sence diddle my brain is a little fuzzy :)


Hi diddle, I don't know about getting a reduced entry to swimming pools but I have just got my cinema card and it gets a carer in for free. It's called a CEA card, and you can download an application form or find out about it here

you do have to be in recept of DLA to be able to apply for it though, as it says on the application form that you need to send a copy of the dla letter.

I am not sure about if the blue badge entitles disabled people to the various council tax benefits, unfortunatly it seems like it's the DLA award that opens most of these doors which is why you really do need to appeal if you have been refused it

gentle hugs x


Hi, depends on your household income, ask or phone your nearest one stop shop. X


I don't think the Blue Badge would qualify you for any of that. But you may qualify if you are on a low income. These things tend to be means tested. However, I know that a friend who suffers from bipolar disorder gets some council tax benefit due to "severe mental impairment". I don't know how much she gets - and it's been about 6 years since she last mentioned it.


No having a blue badge doesn't come into it because it's means tested, depending on your income/outgoings. I applied for it once, but because I had to retire from my job on ill-health and had a monthly pension, it put me over the amount of income criteria.

I later worked out that I was getting £70 a month over their limit, which meant I couldn't claim any of this which would have been worth around £250 if I could get reductions, such as free prescriptions, rent and council tax rebate etc.


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