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My Fibro Fog is back with A vengeance!! But it won't win I am still able to laugh at myself!!!!!


Hi all. Sorry I haven't been around for a couple of months. I've been poorly. But I'm a lot better now.

Hope you all enjoyed the Christmas break And that 2016 is a Happier new year for us all.

Any road I digress - as usual lol.

I wanted to share my latest fibro fog incident. Hark at me I sound like a police officer haha.

mean while back at the rance,

My son was cleaning his ears with cotton buds (ear pokers as we affectionately call them) I asked for some as my ear was itchy and driving me crazy!! Unfortunately this is where things went awry ......

I'm a smoker for my sins. Can you guess what happened next .......

YUP you got it.........

I only went and used my LIT ciggie to poke my ear with. It stopped the itching though. o how my hubby and I laughed. My poor son's face was a picture. He thought I'd finally completely lost the plot.

I hope you enjoued my little tale of woe. Just goes to show You can't beat the fibro but most of all you can't beat a good laugh either HAHAHA . Don't worry I didn't hurt my self.

Best wishes and gentle hugs to you all.


Sorry .......

I just couldn't resist a photo re-inactment.

If this photo upsets any one please let me know and I'll remove it post haste.


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Not sure what picture is? Oh foggy days oh foggy days where did I put myself today?

Hi. The pic is a re-inactment. As I said in my post I thought I'd got a cotton bud. But no it was the red end of my ciggie. Silly moose that I am. X

Oh dear my friend! I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that you did not burn yourself too badly? Please take care of yourself and I sincerely hope that your fog lifts soon for you.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Thanks Ken for your kind words. I'm up with the larks again. In fact I haven't been to bed!!!!!!!!!!!! - in too much pain. But don't worry I'll be fine. Just got to keep on keeping on as I'm always saying. Gentle hugs to you and all. Pat X X

I genuinely hope that you can manage some sleep tonight.

Take care

Ken x :)

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