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Ultrasound works (for me!)

Hi all,

I just wanted to share with you that I am finding my personal ultrasound machine is making a big difference for me...around 5 mins after use it will bring my pain level down at least 2 notches. (Like a few nights ago I went from tears/agony to putting dinner on the table!).

I was using it the other day and thought 'hmmm...I bet this works for cellulite". Did some research, and guess what? It does! So I am getting 2 completely different uses out of it. (I A not a vain person -have gone from 23st to 13st and have 'the wibbles' on my inner thigh that I really want to say goodbye to after all my hard work!).

My friend has borrowed my ultrasound several times for her FM and arthritis and also found it made a difference right away -so bought one. (So it's not all in my head!). And as I had a voucher from mine, we each got a £20 Marks and Spencers voucher when she bought one! (So win/win/win!).

If anybody is interested, I have 5 more vouchers. You can get £20 cheque or £20 Marks vouchers -just send me a message.

Vouchers aside, this is working (for me!). Not cheap - £112. But on the flip side, reduced pain, no trips to the massage therapist or chiro since using it. Plus it's small, packs in my jhandbag and goes where I do!

Re. The vouchers -the only way to get them is to send away an order with the voucher -they don't do it over phone or internet.

The website is link removed by Admins - please PM the individual member for more details (and I can assure you, I don't work for them!).

Every litte bit helps, eh?

Just wanted to share my experience...plus...no meds. No pain from using it (after a massage I feel absolutely battered -same with chiro).

Hope you don't mind me mentioning this! I'm happy to post a voucher to anybody interested so you can score on that aspect as well.


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Thanks for that info, I used to have ultra sound for my back spasms years ago, and didn't know that you could buy them, I am very interested and have bookmarked the site, forgot to say that it is the only thing that gave me any real relief!



I will book mark , x


Interestingly, I mentioned this on the fibro site I am on on FB, and several people mentioned there that they found the ultrasound worked for them at the physio - and didn't know you could get ones (that work just fine!) for personal use (without it costing thousands...). I should be getting the vouchers soon (I emailed the company and asked if I could get some more and they replied promptly - happy to send out as many as I ask for). Every little bit helps, right? A.x


Hi Alicat1 I used to have ultrasound on my hands at physio I did not realize you could buy them and they would help with fibro . I would be very grateful to get one how do I let you know my add by email I am quite new to this site not good with computers either but learning x x x

could I possibly have a voucher

thankyou x x



Hi Alicat1 I have never heard off this but something that assist with reducing pain for fm is so worth it, could i also have a voucher, many thanks smiles and hugs Ingrid xx


Hi Ingrid,

Believe me, I have pretty much every gadget going - from shiatsu massaqers to TENS, heating pads, a massage chair...for me, it is the ultrasound! But everybody is different of course!

If you send me a message with your full address once I get these vouchers in (I asked for them yesterday, so expect them tomorrow or early next week), I will happily put it in the post for you.



Well done for losing all that weight! Would be interested to know how you did it, i'm finding it hard as meds make me eat more and if i'm good, slower weight loss. x


Hi everybody, some of you asked how I lost all this weight...through Atkins. Here is a VERY interesting read about eating fat...



Can u tell me exactly what ultrasound is and how does it work. Is it a little machine to use when you're out and about?????


Hi Jeannie -you can't 'wear it' like a TENS machine when you are out. Google it -It has to do with heating the blood up a wee bit which gets the circulation going, which in return can help with spasms etc. Seems to work for a lot of people -certainly does for me! The head of it is small, you just gently rub it over the sore area with special ultrasound gel. A.x


Hi all,

I returned home, and hadn't received the vouchers. However, the woman I have been dealing with at Ultralieve has been excellent. Apparently the vouchers are from way back when (my ultrasound is 4 years old - yet they honored the voucher my friend sent in when she bought her ultrasound a few weeks ago.)

Anyways - the woman I have been in touch with said that what they are going to do is create an order form - for any of you interested. And you can send that away as the order. I know, it's a bit complicated...equally - it is £20 as a reward, which will come in very handy for many of us!

So. No vouchers. But they are still willing to honor the reward system (even though they seem to have stopped doing this!) if you deal directly with the customer services person I have been in touch with.

If you can email me your email address, as soon as I get the form in, I can send it off to you and you can take it from there.




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