At last, people like me!!

I would just like to say that I only found this site yesterday and I am very grateful for the answers to my questions and the genuine interest in my 'Fibro World' I don't know anyone else that has it but my mum has Polymyalgia and has done for years.She is virtually housebound and on son many pills including morphine, I so don't want to be like that:(

But, on a lighter note, a massive thankyou and am so pleased I have found people like me with the same problems and share them.

My hubby is fantastic but doesn't quite 'get it' if you know what I mean, and my kids are generally good about my aches and pains.Though last weekend I dropped a glass jar, it just fell out of my hand and smashed.One of my boys said, ''God, mam, you're like and old woman'' I do try and laugh it off but I actually feel like one most days.

So, as I said before-yay, people like me:)))

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  • nice to meet you Tillybaby! welcome to our site. I see you have met some of us already. never heard of the meds you are on but they sound a bit naughty! soft hugs xxx :)

  • I wish I had the energy to be 'naughty' lol x

  • so do i! when you have fibro and need to do some exercise to get your heart rhythm right is not easy! xx

  • welcome i am a newbie as well x

  • Thankyou very much :)) xx

  • Hello Tillybaby and rosehip, I'd just like to welcome you both.

    We are a friendly bunch and love to share our experience and knowledge with anyone who wants to know.

    So ask anything, I'm sure you'll receive bags of answers.

    Have a look at the Fibro Action site too, there is stacks of information, help and advice there too.

    looking forward to reading more from you soon

    gentle hugs, kate

  • Welcome from me too, hugs, kel xxx

  • Hi all I am new 2....Today I just cant be bothered with anything or anyone!!! : - ( , I am so bored with the way I am and feel robbed... Does anyone else feel like this? I have a good husband, but he sometimes does not understand, and my kids 2 are good, but can say things like "Mam you are turning into Nana"!!!

    I am only 46, and feel like 106, everyday I feel tired, ache, and my brain just wont work. I gave up work last yr because I found that I could not do my job as a Nursery Nurse anymore. Forgot how to do most things, even driving a car, I just dont do it. My friends have all gone, and I am so lonely at home. Just dont know what to do.


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