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Beware of carrot cake, it can put you in hospital!!

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing okay. You may or may not have noticed I havn't been on for a while as I ended up in hospital last week after being struck by a bout of pancreatitis so am now awaiting removal of my gall bladder which they think may have been the cause of my attack. Just before the attach came on I had eaten a slice of carrot cake thinking it may be the healthier option but alas no. Next time I will stick to the chocolate gateau!!.

Just what I needed two weeks after having Botox treatment for my bladder problems which has now left me having to use a catheter up to 5 times a day. Still, you know what they say, it neva rains but it pours!!. Glad to say I am on the mend for now though and hoping to keep it that way. Take care, love Angela xx

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Oh dear not good .... I had my gall bladder out 7 years ago. Another op you don't really need... Glad to see you still got your sense of humour... Just wondering what excuse I can use to avoid carrot cake and eat choocy as I don't have a gall bladder

Take care xx


oh no how awful for you ,glad you on the mend now ,hugs xx


i hade my gall bladder removed 2 and half years ago,also bladder probs to reacurring bladder infections was on antibiotics for 2 years my bladder doesn't empty fully, antibiotics seem to have worked as not had any probs for last 6months and stopped antibiotics now aswell. glad to hear you are on the mend xxx take care and stay strong xx


I'm allergic to carrots - they give me a full blown anaphlactic shock ..... perfect excuse for choccy gateaux until some spoil sport whispers "diabetes", okay so that will be a bottle of water for me then.

Seriously though pancreatitis is horrible - a good friend of mine died from it 13 years ago!

Hope you get everything sorted out really soon.

Julie xx


Aww bless you i do hope that youn are feeling so much better soon and i feel so guilty as i was always eating carrot cake on here few weeks ago it became a standing joke on hre if yu remember lol

anyway jokoing aside i am glad they are sorting you out and like you say bring on the choccy gaeaux now love diddle x


Hope you are feeling better and you have kept your sense of humour. Laughter is the best medicine xx


If we have any celebrations here in our forum, Carrot Cake is now definitely off the menu! ;)


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