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DIDDLES PROMISE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi just to let you all know you wonderful people that PROMISE you all i will NEVER let any other NASTY TROLL let me get upset again so dont worry DIDDLE IS BACK AND HERE TO STAY love to you all andi know how the queen feels now when she does her christmas speech lol love to you all but i am now off for the day will pop back on here later i promise

love diddle xxxx

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lo thanks i arent going anywhere thanks to you and many otherts love diddle x

We all love you back diddle.keep it coming.dnt let trolls win.xx

hi I am glad your back ... dont let anyone put you down ... mind if you are the top blogger you will get some attention xx

good for you you rant as much as you like if you cant tell your fibro friends then who can you tell i love ready our blogs keep smilling jan xxxx

Glad to hear it diddle don't let anyone put you off or get you down. Look forward to your posts later in week ??????

That was supposed to be smiley faces at the end of that post

good for diddle we would miss you and your cakes just turn the other cheek and lets hope all the horrible people get bored, cos they obviously have no lives of their own xxx

Hey, Diddle - so sorry to hear that you've been upset by insensitive comments. I missed all that because I've been too wrapped up in my house move, so I don't know what it was all about, but you have my sympathy!

I'm glad you are back, because your posts always make me smile, and you seem such a kind and positive lady. Keep your chin up and don't let the b***s grind you down!

Sympathetic squeezles ... luv Moffy x

YES YES YES, Yippee Diddle is here to stay, what more can I say.

lots of squidges

Susan xx

Hey Diddle, we have your promise in writing, so we will all hold you to that lol! Seriously, it's lovely to see you back here where you belong with all of us. Take care, chin up and let's move forward, here's to the future! :D :)

YAHOOOO :-) :-) I am sooooooo pleased that you have not given in to the destructtive troll and have chosen to stay with those many people who have who appreciate what a special person you are and whose spirits are often lifted by your wonderful sense of humour and positivity.

Carry on blogging and stay with us, we appreciate you so much !!

muchly dottii xx

hi and thankyou allso much for ll your support love diddle x

Hi diddle, glad you have decided not to stop blogging. im so happy that you are back:)

Take Care


Jo xx

Hello, welcome back, stress is causing more much more health problem. Enjoy the life with the people who loves you. XX

Hi Diddle. glad u decided to stay.look forward to reading your blogs.x

Hi Diddle,

Glad your back love to read your blogs,keep them coming.

Take Care.

Carol X

hi, like all the other comments glad you have chosen to stay on here. keep smiling and bloggin :D x

hi this may be a stupid comment (blame the condition lol ) but what is a troll? an annoying person or something worse? x

I think a Troll is someone who gets some sort of perverse pleasure out of verbally attacking other people online. So sad that the people who do this are so damn sick, they need to hurt people. I have no idea what went on in Diddle's case, as I wasn't around, but whoever it was, I hope they're still reading, and will get the message that trolls will NOT succeed whilever there are decent folk on here, who, through their own suffering are more than happy to support each other through this damn disease which no-one else understands.

It's bad enough living in the real world with fibro, but to be attacked by a sick troll, on what is a support forum, (the only place I feel completely understood) is just ridiculous. I am so pleased Diddle is back, don't let one sicko get you down when there is so much support from the majority on here xxxxx

I read recently that Anne Kirkbride (Deirdre in Coronation Street) has cancelled her Twitter account due to trolls ridiculing her, about something she can do nothing about, it is part of her Hodgkins disease, which she bravely fought a few years ago. How anyone can do that to another human being is beyond me.

I think we need to be careful with the term "troll". An internet troll is someone who goes onto websites and posts only to cause trouble. A genuine member with an opinion differing to other members is not a troll.

Well done Diddle You are loved!!!!!!!

So good that you did not leave.

I feel really sorry for the person who was nasty. It did not show a name on the post or I would have messaged her/him. They must be so sad in their life to be so bitter.

I almost came off Facebook last year because of one nasty lady. I am very happy that my friends there convinced me to stay as they give me support 24/7 and see me through the bad times and good.

And that is what you have here Diddle. Keep it coming xx

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