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Fibro fog

I have suffered from Fibrofog for nearly 3 years. I am 39 years old. It is horrible to deal with sometimes. When I spoke to doc he looked at me confused. I have seen a neurologist and had a Cat scan and nothing which is good. Neurologist told my doc to put me on Duloxetine 60mg and this is everyday. Had CBT at beginning when I had panic attacks and also suffered from Rosacea on my face. People think I'm weird when I explain my problem. Everything goes in my diary and wrote down as I have poor memory.

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Sorry you are having all these problems, good idea to write things in your diary but you do need to remember to look at it as well. have treble book myself for tonight and all I really feel like doing is going to bed with a good book.

Gentle hugs, sure someone more helpful will answer you soon.


Have you found the fog thickens as you tire ? Managing energy use with even thinking taking some of a limited supply and as much refreshing sleep as your able if there is no success with this approach reporting what you have tried to your doctor for further investigation.


Had very bad Fibrofog this week so I empathise. Post -it notes help!!!




Yes, post it notes stuck all over the place. xx


ALL Over The Place!! When I was still working, people used to laugh and make comments about the amount of post it notes stuck all around my computer, keyboard and desk. I also had a folder with notes on each of our jobs we had to do. Plus a pile of scrap paper which I used to write notes on when on the phone. It was the only way I could keep track of my workload. Julie xx



I find that the most embarrassing thing for me is when I am speaking to someone and forget a word... or saying the wrong word (which is usually something ridiculous!). I also find I am hopeless at remembering people's names.

I usually try and make a joke when the wrong words come out... I often call my daughter by my son"s name.

I find that it seems worse when I am under pressure or stress, or trying to do several things at the same time.

I find that I have to make lots of lists to remind me about important stuff and I have a huge calendar pinned on my kitchen wall so I can continually check what or where I should be.

Did you get treatment for the Rosacea on your face? My doctor prescribed Rozex cream... I apply it every day seems to help a bit... but when under stress it always flares up.

Hope it helps you a little to know that you are not alone with the fibrofog....xx


Hi claire1andy

I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing cognitive dysfunction with your Fibro, but it is more common than you think. I have memory issues from time to time and I tend to carry a note book and pen whenever I go out just to make sure I do not forget anything.

I understand how difficult it can be when your mind plays up in this way and I am afraid that there are no easy answers. The only real advice that I can afford you is to pace yourself and try and get sufficient sleep, which is easier said than done.

It may help to shop around at your GP surgery to find a more understanding and knowledgeable doctor about Fibro? I want to wish you all the bets of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



OMG Phelbo, "ditto, ditto, ditto." I can't even do simple math, sometimes not even using a calculator. Which numbers go first? Do you divide by that percentage or multiply? How do I figure out the percentage in terms of decimals? And words coming out wrong or not at all. Oy.

Claire, you are definitely not alone and maybe adequate rest, like Ian said, does improve the situation. When I think about having a really foggy day, though I can't really remember, lol, that these are when I am low energy.

I think the best thing to do is come to the forum, get the support, find the laughter, the philosophy, and find it wihtin yourself to laugh, even when it is at your own predicament! They say good belly laughter can help improve cancer, so why not FM?



You are so not alone with this. I work 3 mornings a week, and boy that is my maximum. Colleagues can tell its a Wednesday because I get all my words round the wrong way. The other day I actu said 'can someone blind close because sun eyes in. I mean I must of sounded like a baby talking....I just laughed out loud and said 'oh I think it's time I went home'. Someone did comment and asked me if its to do with my waking problem, to which I replied yes. They didn't understand how walking and words were all in common. I commented neither do I. But I shall go home and rest. I'm sure they must of thought I've only been at work for 4 hours each day, but it's definitely my maximum I can do.....


Yep, I'm always getting my words wrong,, pausing to try and remember the right word/name, or what I was going to say next. Hubby has stopped commenting on when I use the wrong word for something, luckily!


Hi, I am new here. Have been really ill for two years, after major back surgery. Finally, yesterday, the doc at the Pain Clinic at Southmead in Bristol told me I had Fibro. Explains a lot!! So many Xrays, CT scans, MRI's etc. Blood tests et al. Some days I can't even get dressed and sit around feeling lazy and inadequate. Fall asleep on my sofa for hours on end and that makes me feel even more lazy. I awake at 4am and take tramadol and gabapentin, usually with a cup of tea as I am in so much hip pain I cannot lie down again for a while.

I first noticed that I could no longer spell anything (after being really good at spelling) and looking into space for a while if one of my daughters asked me anything. Long gaps in my reply as I tried to string a sentence together. Couldn't think of really common words. Very distressing. Thought I was beginning dementia. I wonder if this is as a result of the drugs or is is a common problem with Fibro.

I think this thread has answered that question!!


Hi welcome to group always up for a chat take care love jillxx


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