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opinion what do you think

Having worked for the NHS for 20 years plus, my contract is now

Being taken over by a company called Care Uk.

During my time with the NHS I have been to occy health twice,

this is my problem. The NHS have written to me and asked for

Permission to send my health records to care UK.

I'm inclined to say no, as I don't want to be judged by my past

Health record, also it may give then a option because of my health

Record to get shot of me. A case of what they don't know

What is your opinion

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I worked also for the NHS 15 years, retired through ill health. (FIBRO) I would be inclined to say no, they are your records done by the occupational health for the NHS, start with a clean slate, because you can be guaranteed the new company will be looking at making cutbacks.

Thank you that is how I feel

personally id take advice from CAB as contracts may change etc. and they may not as your already working there a big hug and hope you find the right answer. legally your bound to be protected they would be able to advise you of anything else. And the new employer may be diverse being optimistic but I know how you feel im using cab at the moment to fight my esa claim but they say I was jsa and to be honest im quite severe I wouldn't be able to meet any employers expectations and would have to notify them of any thing that might effect employment and I know it would do every week so I kind of know how scary it is with this illness and hope you manage the change over successfully Fibro friend

I would also say no as you don't want this new company to have any chance to squeeze you out. As the NHS had to ask you for your permission its quite within your rights to say no if that's what you instincts tell you

Good luck

VG x

I agree - don't tell 'em anything you don't have to!

Moffy x

Thank you all that's what I think.

I am being taken over on June 1 can't say I'm

Looking forward to it but I suppose that's the way

The NHS is going, they are full of promises but we

All know that they are in it to make a profit.

My health record is not good, so I think I would be

At risk.

Thank you all

Viv x

Say no .. But declare you have fibro as it may come back and bite you on the bum .. I was also medically retired from NHS with fibro after 28yrs. Are you in the union ? I found them invaluable.

Ps part of my job was in a NHS nursing home and care uk bought that .

Thank you aura, I hate the thought of this company taking over

We all know it's going to be differient, after all they are in it for

Money all though how you make money out of a prison I don't

Know, I wish they would make me redundent I have had enough

The company is full of promises, well they would be, we will see

All our doctors have already left they don't want to work for them

most of the pharmacy have left as they want to put in a cheaper


28 years that sounds like for ever, I love nursing well I did before

This pain in the bum fibro.

Thank you so much love Viv x

It is none of their business IMO. I dare say by refusing to allow them to see your records, they will use that against you anyway. They will think, hello we have a trouble maker here. If they made you redundant because of this, I can guarantee ATOS will find you 100% fit for work. It might be better to allow this, companies tend to favour brown noses over hard workers anyway.

Before they are taken over can you not put in a claim to be retired based on Ill health Grounds. Also, the health Records that the NHS hold for you, are you able to have a full copy of these?

Does it form part of your new terms of employment that all previous medical history has to be passed on, if not, the answer is no.

I keep hearing of these takeovers where so many people keep losing their jobs or their terms of employment change if they stay with the new employer and they become more vulnerable to being sacked. In fact it happen to someone I know they were taken over and before they knew it they shut down and no one had any jobs!

I wish you luck whatever you choose to do, but if I were you I would try to apply to leave under health grounds and claim your pension early if you can. What they will be looking for, is whether you are capable or will be capable at any time between now and age 60 (If thats the date of your pension), to do your current job again. Some pension claims are based on wether you are capable of any employment between now and when your pension would be due. xx

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