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Morning in need of a little light hearted distraction? Consider which and why:

I would like to be a Snow Leopard why well they are large, beautiful, soft graceful cats. Their eyes speak volumes - their coats are deep luxurious fur - they move with a desirable ease - confident in their world. Excellent parents and hunters showing us how to survive in this world!

So any time I could be compared to one it would be a tremendous compliment - I am probably more like the hippo ungainly food loving and temperamental!

Okay your turn next what is your alter ego?

Have fun x gins

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My dog Bandit! He has such a good life and is sooo spoilt but still knows he is a dog which is important. He goes on holidays in the caravan (he portable kennel) cuddles on tap. Lots of walks (as I am a dog walker), protected from the nasty outside world and mean dogs, seems to be loved by all that meet him and has his own Facebook page. I know, I am mad but I love him to bits.

Hugs to all xx

Awww gins that is lovely!! This has been done on fb too lol

Well i have a pure white very fluffy lion on my profile too on fb as they are big soft unique an beutiful and so rare! One of a kind like mee hehe I wish

As for their temporament hmmm.

So long as its long haired or elegant and gracefulor colourful like a peacock that is my fav animal can be very secretive then alll of a sudden you see its beauty come to light.

Sorry sorry haha just the one animal!!!! A cocky lion ohps ;-)


How are you too can inbox to save thread

I feel like a mammoth stuck in a tar pit today , ancient , hairy and immobilised , but i fancy being a mermaid , if they count . sitting on a rock, naked combing my hair , singing albeit out of tune and luring sailors but not onto the rocks lol what a lovely uplifting question , thanks sweetie xx

excellent answers hope we get more floozy sorry you feel like a mammoth stuck in a tar pit what a horrible thought prefer the mermaid and a cocky lion mm fairycazzie a peacock lovely powerful strutting about and then Bandit a beloved hound what a lovely mix more please !

I'd be an elephant.They are just so magnificent and loyal and intelligent. No one would tell me I'm too fat and I'd live a long and happy life with my family roaming the savanah.

Julie xx

I love ele's too they are wonderful so much knowledge when you look them in the eye!

A giraffe would be good. I've been a short-arse all my life and would love to have a lofty view and to get the best fruit from the tops of trees - tho' I'm not sure if giraffes eat fruit!

On second thoughts, if you were a giraffe and got a neck-ache it would be a BIG problem! xxx

Ginsing in reply to ladymoth

lol brilliant x gins


I would be a cheetah, beautiful creatures who can run like the wind! It would be great fun out running everything feeling the wind and the speed. I would love to be that fit and active too. :)

Ginsing in reply to Hidden

oh LibertyZ I would join you on the savanah runnin at high speed what a thought!!

hi my nickname is tiger and thats what i would love to be, as i love there strengh and gracefullness, yet they can be so fast and there colorings are beautiful, i love all animals mammals in fact all living things tc soma x

Ginsing in reply to soma1

well soma why did nt you use tiger as your name here? There colours are epic and there movements so luxuriant!

soma1 in reply to Ginsing

gm gins, i use soma because it is the name of my late doggie who i loved like my baby,and it keeps her alive for me and i remember it lol... as my memory is getting so bad. have a nice weekend love soma x

Hidden in reply to soma1

That's lovely Soma what a great way to remember your doggie,

Hugs to all xxxx

Hi. I think I would be a golden eagle, soaring on the warm updraughts surveying my kingdom for miles around, a beautiful haunting cry to boot. Ahhhhhh, bliss.............

Love and gentle huggles


Ah Chilli what a wonderful thought you are the only one amongst us to be a bird - yes to be up in all that wonderful blue expans would be amazing! x gins

Morning all anyone else fancy joining in our game please have a go I see we have quite a few of the big cats amongst us that must show how we all long to move with ease x gins

Hey :)

Good question, btw. :)

Okay.. for me, I have to say I'd love to be owl - because I think they're beautiful, especially if they're soft with large eyes (I wonder if they can see any better for it?). Those eyes alone can be intriguing - as can owls themselves. They are also known to be wise.. and cute! (I saw one at an owl sanctuary on the Isle of Wight and it looked totally adorable.)

Additionally, I imagine them to be companiable and considerate (which partly comes from Hedwig's unconditional support to Harry Potter, and the case of an itchy Bear needing to find a scratching tree- the owl's pointed it out: 'It's over thur, Squire', and a happy childhood memory of holding one, it was so gentle).

On top of that, Owls can fly of course - I can only imagine the sense of freedom they get from that. Last of all, Owls mainly come out at night - which I can relate to as I'm mainly awake at night. There's always something about the night that draws me in.. the stars - and the peaceful night air.. and the dark - with just a touch of moonlight, creating a calm yet mysterious mood. I also love the noise they make - it's so simple yet beautiful. Whenever I hear the 'tweet-woo!' they make I am alway feel calm and filled with joy.

:) xxxx

Funky fairy I love your imagry of an owl so wise and the advert with the owls I like the sloths in that! It would be marvelous to fly would n't it oh to be weightless and not earth bound to take off and go where ever lovely x gins :)

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