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should i take on atos after so long?

i am wondering if it is too late to take on atos?, a lot of things weren't as i stated,at the time upset and livid, i rang the dwp and they made a note of it that i wasn't happy with the atos report (this was july august last year,( i didn't get in the wrag group because of them,the d.w.p didn't agree with the all what the atos report had said and put me in the wrag group,)i have just had my appeal which i must say was biased and ran with the atos descriptors on the report, they wouldn't move me and left me in the wrag group,so it has been a year since i got the atos report,is it too late to go through it with a fine tooth comb writing in where all the descrepencies(or in other words LIES!!) are,or do you think it is too late and a waste of time,should it have be done more at the time???

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im taking on atos .i too have finally after over a year got my report back from them.and my appeal for adjourned to read so many lies about my examination in there and she was only a wasnt recorded although we did record wont stand up in my appeal.

they are telling me if i have other things wrong now then apply again.but am worried if i do i will lose this appeal and money we get now.

so no how you ring the tribunal service up ask them at liverpool?not d.w.p.

keep fighting im not giving up.and ive only been told im ill yet fit for work after a few months.

but its upto you and if your upto it or not.


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