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Further to my post about my ATOS assessment, Today i received a letter from DWP. Great news i passed the assessment and have been put into the support group,. Before the assessment i was in the WRAG group. I am so pleased that it worked out for me. Its been a nightmare and very stressful. I wish everyone luck if they are going through the assessment process.

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Congratulations and well done Linda. I passed my medical last week too & was placed in the support group- such a relief. x

Hi to you both, well done! congratulations

What part of the country do you live in?

Maybe they are taking Fibro seriously at last or is that too much to ask

Hugs XX

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Hi Mazz, I live in Belfast. I have had three ESA medical assessments over three years, failed the first two. On the first assessment I got 6 points, the assessor was a nice middle aged female. The second assessment I got '0' points, that assessor was a not very nice young female and the third and final assessment (9th Nov) was carried out by a very nice, sympathetic older male. I don't know how long I have been placed in the support group for but I have written off to ESA to get a copy of the medical report to see what points I scored and how long I have before I am re-assessed again. xx

Oh Linda I'm just so so pleased for you, it must be a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. I know what nightmare it is to get there, but it has been worth all the hassle :-) :-)

Now you can rest up knowing you are safely supported money wise, to the best they can do, which although it isn't a fortune, it is better than being in WRAG, which I am and knowing that I will have to go through the whole process again in six months time. :-(

Also very pleased for you too Mags, a good result at the end of the road ! :-) :-)

Foggy x

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I too went for my Assesment on the 29th of October...i was really dreading it especially after reading all the stories about ESA and being put in the WRAG ant then having to appeal.

I must have had someone looking down on me that the Lady i saw was very nice she didnt force me into any of the stretches etc and told me i wasnt too worry while waiting for my letter to come through, and because i have a multiple other things wrong with me beside my Fibro she said all should be okay for me.

A week later the Brown envelope arrived saying i was in the Support Group, have got my money back dated etc.... So well done to everyone else.

Love Aisha....x

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this is really a silly question but what is the support group xxx

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The support group is the sector of ESA (The benefit that replaced Incapacity benefit earlier in the year), which you get put into if you are classified unfit to work. Usually involves a medical during the application process and sometimes it doesn't if enough information regarding your illnesses, medications, Doctors and consultants etc are supplied.

I was lucky and was transferred straight from incapacity benefit to ESA support but feel great sadness for those of us who are fighting for it :( I had to fight for DLA and it was stress that I didn't need :(

If you'd like a full description please click on the butterfly in top right hand corner of your screen. It will take you to the FibroAction website where you'll find a wealth of useful information regarding benefits, medications and up to date research.

Hope this helps evie :) xxxzebxxx :)

I live in Leeds and i must say the lady that did my assessment was very nice and seemed to understand what i was going through. I did notice she did watch my every move, but it was a bad day fortunately. She did watch when my son helped me out of the wheelchair in to the car. I took a friend with me also, who was a great help, i also had to take painkillers whilst i was there, i made sure that the assessment was recorded also.

When i had my assessment she asked me what affected me most as i have other conditions also. Told her it was the Fibro and RA. so she said she would talk about that first, how it affected me day to day. By the time she had come to the end of that, she did not need any more info and said that she was not going to put me through anymore as she could see i was not good that day. Never had an examination either. She was very understanding and said that i should not have even been called in for an assessment,


Congratulations Linda I'm really pleased the fight is finally over for you

warming snuggly fluffie cuddles for you

:) xxxzebxxx :)

Well done linda! I know how it feels to win the battle - I'm so pleased that it's behind you now & you can get on with life!

Well Done,

Julie xxx

Really pleased, Linda. It is a great relief :-)

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