Naproxen Versus Tramadol

Had my follow up with the gen surgeon about my gastroscopy, & luckily the biopsies came back ok - phee ew! - but, he reckons that Tramadol is okay in his opinion - he thinks that Naproxen is the baddie. It's because it's in the ibuprofen family & could cause ulcers & although I'm also taking Lansoprazole, which helps neutralise the acid reflux I get, it could still cause ulcers in the bladder as well as the bowel apparently!

I've already tried to cut back on the Tramadol - if you remember, 'Big Mistake' - so now I'm having to think about cutting back on the Naproxen.

So, Naproxen versus Tramadol. Which one's worst? In the words of the great Harry Hill from his TV Burp programme - "There's only one way to find out ---> FIGHT!!" ;-) ;-) :-D

Julie xxx

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  • Well, been to see my gp about my throat & he agreed with gastro about naproxen. But when I said I could break the tablets in half - they are so big & bright yellow! - he said that I could just stop them. Just like that apparently. He said that I'm already on a lot of painkillers so I should be able to cope without it. But I'm worried about withdrawal side effects, so atm I'm just taking 1 1/2 tablets a day instead of the 2. I don't really want to have any more health probs to deal with.

    Julie xxx

  • Have been feeling more pain than usual, but have carried on with the 1 1/2 tablets till Friday, when I started just taking the one. My back is killing me & I think I'll have to go back to my gp & ask him to increase the pregabalin. He said I could increase that, or the tramadol. I don't want to increase the tramadol though, I'm already taking 8 a day & hearing more noises in my head & voices & I've been alone at the time, so I know it's no one talking to me.

    Julie xxx

  • hi Julie Do go back but if he said you could increase the pregablin I would . I have personally found the best difference in less back pain with this drug. Double check with your doc and see Good luck hope it helps xgins

  • Hello Julie,

    Sorry I seem to have missed this post the other day, until now you've added this update. As you say Naproxen is apparently known for causing ulcer in your stomach, so I take very infrequently for Plantar Fasciitiis (heel pain) .

    Generally the research has reported opiates are not very effective for Fibro, see below;

    'Simple analgesics, such as paracetamol, and mild opiates, such as codeine and the atypical opiate Tramadol, are recommended for the treatment of pain in Fibro patients. Research has suggested that opioid medications do not work as efficiently in Fibro patients as in healthy people because of a lack of available opioid receptors in the brain of Fibro patients. According to the EULAR Guidelines for the Management of Fibro, strong opioids - e.g. morphine - are not recommended for Fibro' (Lindsey Middlemiss 2009)

    However, Tramadol although an opioid it is known to help with Fibro pain as it has a serotonin pathway which is reported to be low in patient with Fibro. Maybe it may be worth talking to your GP about Sustained Release to the same amount of dosage you have now as I found the relief was wearing off then I had to wait for the next dose to work before doing anything.

    I have never had side effects from Tramadol , so maybe it may be worth considering mentioning the sounds you hear. Here is some information on tramadol which may help;

    Also have you ever tried pain relief creams? I used to use a prescribed Capsaicin cream and found great relief. I cannot use with my young baby at the moment as if it was to rub onto her it is not for those sensitive to medications, as it is like police pepper spray.

    It might be worth you looking into, here's some information

    OK, I think I've chattered far too long now due to the length of the post. I'll sign off.

    Hope this info helps

    Emma :)

  • Well, I got it down to half a tablet every day & was hoping to be nearly off the Naproxen, but then I had to have a tooth out at the dentist - a big molar near the back of my mouth. My dentist said that due to my jaw clenching probs, then he wouldn't have the access to put an implant in there & as the decay was down past the bone line, he thought it would be best to just take it out. So now I'm in so much pain in my jaw, I am back on a full tablet each day.

    Never mind, I'd rather be taking the pain med than suffering the pain, eh!!

    Julie xxx

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