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My body has finally said stop and rest, i am in pain and so tired and top that off, i have another Water infection :( Waiting for GP to ring to get a script for that. Last time i went to docs with one she was very nice and said not to come and sit in the surgery, just to ring. She said the last place you need to be with this is sat in surgery waiting to be seen.

So today is going to be rest day, Think these last 3 weeks have caught up with me. My daughter in law says she can manage. I have managed to get some washing out, and clean the kitchen. But doing it all in short bursts.

Have a good day everyone. Hope you are all as well as you can be.

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Hi lindamorgan, i feel exactly the same today. I was hoping to try a yoga class today and am still in bed, every little piece of me is hurting today, it is hard to even write this. I am off to have a bath with epsom salts and essntial oils to try get some relief. Good luck, i hope you feel better soon.



Hi lindamorgan

I am so sorry to read that you are feeling under the weather today, but I genuinely hope that you manage to get a really good rest now your daughter says she can manage. I presume that she is feeling a bit better herself?

I want to wish you all the best and hope that you feel better soon.

Ken x

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Hi I had this back in jan my body couldn't take any more , I have been on complete rest since then , I live alone children flown the nest ,but my daughter would come home from uni as often as she could , then because I friend found out how poorly I was , social services and I local charity got involved so I got some help till June , I learned the hard way I ignored all the warning signs and I doubt I will ever be 100%! Again but I am learning to adapt and except and enjoy things I never had time to at least not for a long time , the thing I miss the most is kite flying I haven't had the strength or stamina for thet in 3 years or be able to sew .i am hoping eventually I will be able to do these things again I don't think I will ever be able to work full time but maybe part time might be an option I also have auto immune issues as well as fibro but I ignored the fibro diagnoses in the beginning which I now realises how stupid I was ,anyway rest and take as much time as you need don't be pushed to do anything you know you truly arnt ready for take care Chris x


As in a recent post - it's ok to take a break, it doesn't mean you are giving in. Try to enjoy the break.


Bless your heart, what exactly is a water infection? Hope you get some rest and are feeling better soon sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi


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