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An instant cure!

An instant cure!

My little grand daughter, who is a very grown up three, grew tired of her colouring book and decided to give me some sound advice.

"Nana" she said " Are your poor old bones aching today?"

"Yes, Darling ... they are a bit sore!" I replied.

"Well, Nana - if you took me to the beach and we sat on the sand and made castles, and we had an ice cream, I'm sure that you would feel much better!"

She was right of course, I did feel heaps better. I do so wish that her special magic could be bottled and sent to everyone who has aches and pains!

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oh bless her! they are born so wise these days. She is beautiful, what a proud nana you must be!

When my niece was 4, her Mum & Dad took her out for a ride on her bike. She asked if they could go to the local park - just past her new school. As they got to the school she said "See Mummy, I CAN ride my bike to school!"

regards, sandra


oh bless she is so sweet xxx


Totally gorgeous ~ the magic of ice cream, sand castle &, especially, totally cute granddaughters is awesome!!


aww how lovely!! the little ones say such wanderful funny things and they can say the most truthful and the knowledge and memory of them too is amazing!

I love that age group.

My nephew is just turned 5yrs old and so adorable and cheeky!! ohhh love it xx


My grand-daughter is just 8 months and as cute as a button; I've got all this to come I'm pleased to say :-)

Julie xxx


What a lovely story! I always feel better just having my granddaughters around, they are so uplifting.

Your little one sounds such a wise old owl!

Take care, Cazx


I am blessed with 3 wonderful grandkids, Billy, who is 8 on 5th September, Anya who turned 6 in June, and Libby who turned 5 in April. Sometimes 4-5 hours out with them, even just having a picnic in the park can mean the next 2 days flat out, it is WELL WORTH IT!!!

Could you tell me how to post a picture on here please, and I will let you see my 3 darlings. I also have a a lovely videoclip of the 2 girls at their very first Rhythmic Gymnastics performance in May if there's a way to post it?


Hi Goodie,

I would love to see a pic of your grandchildren!

This is what you do:

When you write a blog, at the bottom of the page you will see 'IMAGE' and 'Choose file' . Click on one of these, and it will direct you to your computer files where you can choose the picture you want - then click 'open'.

That's all, but I warn you that it might take ages, 'cos this site is a bit scrambled at the mo'!

Hope this is helpful. Luv, Moffy x

P.S.I'm not sure if you can post vid. clips, but you could try.


Brilliant I shall go to the sea side instantly ! Makes me smile thanks for sharing x gins


OK, I am goiugn to start a Blog called 'Out of the mouths of babes' cos my grandkids come out with some pearlers!!


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