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The weatherman said "Its raining"

He is right rain "mizzle rain" warm humid solid bank of persistent rain hugging the borders of Scotland . I am wondering what one can say about such a dreary damp morning - not a lot - I guess it will be good for mushroom picking!

The sort of day for turning out cupboards or backing(speling is awful this morning)neither fill me with inspiration so I could find the galoshes or just make another cup of coffee yea coffee tat is the one x gins

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hi i am soo sorry you have all that rain it is beauftiful here in lowestoft suffolk really warm i have just got all stuff out in the garden set up thepaddling pool it is warm already in fact now gonna sit with a coffeee outside until my peace is shattered by my 2 favourite little men llove to you and lets hope you get some sun later or get your own back on sunday when i have got rain and you have the sun love to you and enjoy doing your cubords thgats what i do when i have a dreary old day and i love doing that too love to you all diddle xxxx


morning all yep gins raining here in sunny blackpool too.muggy as hell.terrible to sleep with.

were going to a cat sanctuary today to look at a gorgeous black cat called zulu who was dumped on gonna want every single one.

enjoy your day whatever your doing.i cant wear deodorant either so am paranoid i might smell.

i have chemical burns from a certain roll on ive im suing them,doctor agrees and might never be able to wear any again now.x


Hi I had burns on my lower back from a heat spray, took 3 months to heal. Hop yours heals soon. Did you get the cat? xx


sunshine is just for diddle today then (& why not? :)) grey & damp down here on the south coast!!


Beautiful sunny afternoon in Swansea. Hope it has improved for the rest of you xx


It did improve but it was still not brilliant watched a lot of television ugh the repeats my partner likes ar so boring . xgins


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