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What Have You Had To Give Up ??

Good Morning to all of my fibro friends...

There will be a few of you who have been following my blogs, yesterday i had to sell my pride and joy. My Kawaski ZZR600 motorbike was finaly sold, it was a hard choice to make but after a long time of thinking and talking to my wife the dicision was made to sell it, we thought it would no longer be safe for me to ride due to the fibro and the RLS and other twiches. I would rather sell the bike than end up in hospital or a casket.

So thats what i have had to give up, How about you what have you had to stop or give up due to your illness ?? :)


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I had to rehome my labrador last month :( I had him from a pup for 9 years and it has broken my heart ,but I could no longer walk him :-((


AWW Sue that is worse than me having to give up my bike, a dog is not only a pet but a best friend, my heart goes out to you :) xx


So sorry Sue, that must have been sooo awful. xxxxx


Thanks Chorley xx feel myself welling up now :-( Soz about your bike Hoe you have a good day today x


my life, had to give up work, hobbies, dancing, gardening, walking, holidays high heels, oh I miss them, nice clothes I just cant wear anything that not elasticated, depressing really but life goes on


I used to have my grandsons to stay but cant cope with them on my own and i miss there little faces when they wake up in the morning but one day i may have them again . love to you xxx


I can empathise with all the above , im feeling so sorry for my dog , hes the most beautiful affectionate American bulldog but its like he is just another casualty of f/m .I was training to compete in triathlons , now struggling to get out of the house . i was a keen gardener now trapped looking out of my windows at my ever overgrowing gardens ,


Oh so so sorry to hear about your bike having to be sold and getting rid of your doggy......very sad!!!Ii am sure both have gone to lovely caring homes!!

I am also sorry to hear all of the other stories .

Floozy, I am like you, I used to run lots, cycle, was soooo active and up for I can't do any of it. My garden sucks right now. i need it re done and going to get rid of all my plants and get the area covered in nice stones with some nice pots with easy growing plants. I am also frustrated as my pation needs lifting and redone and normally i would muck in, but there is no way i can do it. It is frustrating!!

I feel like I had to give u my life, however my positive approach is to accept that it has just changed and life now is at a slower pace which is good as I have time to relax as i never did so before!!!


Don't focus on what you can't do any more, concentrate on now not mourning the past. We've all had so many losses, its the only way not to go crazy .... I had to give up on a job I loved and sell my Beetle, but on the plus side I now get to spend all day in my craft studio, even if its just staring out of the window!


Thanks to all for joining in on the blog :)



Bless ya all it can be so hard.

Social Life -

Nights out, got a group of friends from my teens /early twenties and we have all grown up & moved on with our lives. But manage a girls night out every couple of months. I have not attended the last few gatherings as just wiped out, then the guilt sets in.(they are always understanding, but i feel old before my time, (i'm 32) Maybe i should force my self, but i am still working full time (just) and once the weekend comes i am good for nothing, let alone partying the night away.

But as someone said i try to focus on what i can do rather cant. while thinking about this i have had a idea. i am going to suggest next girl catch up, be a spa day or a sleep over at mine (lol havent done that it years) but could have a right laugh. Something i can manage and i am sure they will all enjoy as they are busy business women and Yummy Mummy's so could with a little R & R too.

Lou x


Like u i had to sell my bike miss the freedom it gave me just out a run an it cleared ur head ! But i am lucky IF i get a good day my husband still takes me out a run on his:-) Had 2 give up work an a lot of other things but u got 2 try an keep positive !!

keep your chin up ( soft hugs)

gyspy 21


Reading these comments is so sad, I feel I have given up everything. I've had to give up teaching, socialising and some of my hobbies. I love felt making but my muscles just can't manage it.

I recently realised that I have been grieving for what I've lost but I'm still not willing to give it up yet.


I think it takes everyone different amts of time to come to terms with the change of life and it is not possible for everyone to instantly have a positive approach. Acceptance is the first step to changing. I also believe everyone however positive they are still have bad days when perhaps something triggers you to feeling sad.

For example, my husband runs a lot and is doing the London marathon this year ( as well as last). He does a lot of races and about a year ago I went to a race, I had a massive paddy and stormed back to the car, shouting at him in the middle of the car park telling him I didn't want to be there and I was never going to a race again. I didn't knw what triggered this, however on reflection it was all due to the fact i was jealous as I wanted to be able to run again and my pain to go away. I watching all these fit people and it was just like them rubbing my FM in my face!!! I sat in the car and cried for 2 hours!!!!

How stupid was I !!!!!!!

Now I watch at races and actually think all the people are mad get hot, sweaty and out of breath!!!!!!!!


Hi there, I can relate to everyone who feels the grief at losing so many things and having to give up social activities and working life. It can be difficult to try and focus on the things we have now when you wake up in pain and go to sleep in pain.

One of the things that's hit me hard is giving up long hikes which I used to love but I think the most difficult thing has been the loss of the person I used to be. I'm trying to get to know the person I am now as this FM has affected all areas of my life, (as it does all of us). The only material thing I miss is money and the feeling of security that brings. Having had to give up a very well paid job and live on benefits is hard when it comes to repairs for the home and buying simple things like birthday presents for family. My hubby gave up work the year before me as he has MS so the loss of two incomes has hit us hard.

Oh well, we plod on regardless don't we folks. Hugs to all, Jackie


ive had to give up being house proud :( and like everyone else i cant walk very far i cant do diy anymore or gardening

BUT because i think diferently now i gave up a person who named herself my "best friend "

i would dread seeing her and her cronies every week

she was awful to me, you could say it was lack of understanding what i was going through

but not matter how hard i tried she just didnt want to understand ,

she would have a great laugh at my exspense cause of the fibro fog.

when i finally got diagnosed i was so happy to beable to put a name to my illness i took a leaflet to show her and her cronies ,

i thought they actually took notice of it ,but 4 months later they are inviting me to zumba and spinning classes ! for gods sake i wish !

when i say "dont be silly i couldnt do that even if i wanted to"

and say i have fibro they look at me blankly and say " oh how long have you had that"

the story is a bit more longer than that but id be here for ever,

so i told her to stick her friendship some where on her person where it dont shine lol ,

so i could say thank you to fibro for making me realise that life is too short to surround yourself with people who really arent your friends :)


I had to give up my CBR motorcycle, how heart breaking when I sold it. I so miss blasting around the country lanes and the feeling of freedom. I also had to give up my martial arts. Frustration is a very big problem when you go from such an active life to how things are now :(


I so wish the Drs that claim fibro doesn't exist would read this. Do they honestly think that people would give up their most prized possessions, the animals they love and the sports they're passionate about for an imaginary illness? Like others on here I've given up all intensive training but I still do yoga and swim when my muscles will allow. I've also given up hopes of promotion, mainly because I just thank my lucky stars I'm in a job that gives me the flexibility to manage my illness. I couldn't guarantee going elsewhere would. I think fibro limits your potential, your head wants to do things that your body simply won't allow!


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