Feel good factor? Do you feel happier too?

I enjoy reading the ideas and thoughts on this site.

My post is a feel good one.

Not a footie fan well neither am I but no one can have missed the news about Leicester getting better of 5000-1 odds to win Premiership title!

I do not live there nor have I ever but the happiness of all in that city has made me feel happier just listening/watching on the media last night and this morning.

I really hope the effect goes on for a few days as pain is very wearing.

so what makes you feel happier?

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  • I should have made a post of this, it was my birthday at the end of March and my 5 year old Grandson wished me happy birthday, he has autism and that was the first time he had ever spoken to me I will hang on to that for a very long time xxx

  • Oh Lou. What a wonderful and special thing to happen on your birthday. 

    A "gift" you will never forget. 

    Lu xx

  • This touched my heart Lou and I know it touched yours!! Happy Belated Birthday my friend.🎂🎂🎂 Peck

  • Football - I don't understand the emotions involved (my father & brother would) but anything that cheers.  I like prospects for better tomorrow than today, ie sunshine and social plans!  xx

  • What makes me happy is feeling the warm sunshine on my face 😊

    Lu xx

  • As a fottie fan and even though they will have pushed my team (best let the name gounmentioned) out of their usual comfort spot in the Championship League places I am so p!eased that a team that has not had mega money spent on it have done so well by actually working as a team rather than overvalued individual spoilt mega stars have risen like cream to the top. They have also managed to play entertaining footie whilst being managed by someone who has charm and charisma.  Well done Leicester. X😀👟🐺🐺🐺🐺x

  • I am so pleased to see Claudio and his team pick up the trophy he's been a wonderful manager over the years. An please don't forget Mark Selby doing the double for Leicester.  Both me and my hubby enjoyed this years snooker championship. Well done Mark the boy from Leicester.  xx 

  • l think the odd of them winning were phenomanul, but well done to team and manager.  lm not a big footie fan, but think what is good about the Leicester win, is many ordinary fans who dont have a lot of money had a bet and have got big return on it.  One guy on the news put a bet on and was so thrilled, emotional, that he can now put deposit down on a house, glad for them.

  • It makes me happy when I pick up the phone and my mom is on the other end!!! Peck.😊

  • I am absolutely delighted to see an underdog win the premier league! As I live in Derby, Leicester are one of our rivals along with Nottingham Forest, but it brings a bit of magic to the game when these things happen! I also adore Claudio and have done since he managed Chelsea many years ago he is a breath of fresh air :)

  • What makes me happy, sunshine, garden, flowers, birds, pets, music, coming on mbs empathy, and laughing at funny posts.

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