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Its' going to be a good year, I can feel it already.......xxxxxxxxx

Hi everyone,

I have just decided to write a good day blog on here. I have been on in the past to have a good rant or moan but today its Happy day. No I didn;t suddenly get better.....although my pain this week is a little better than the last few months. I have been seeing a Physio for months & gone on pain patches...monthly increasing....It got so bad I could barely hold anything or use/move my arms. I was beginning to get desperate................slowly doing the stretches I seem to be getting somewhere. Finally this week I managed to get my new sofa ( only a recycled one, in excellent condition) I have a sick dog who is paralysed on one side of her face ( drools a lot) So I got new curtains to match in the January sales. WOW...........It feels great this week, a couple of new cushions to set it all off and it has lifted my mood no end. I have decided to try & not think TOTALLY Fibro is still good ..painful but at least I am alive...have a cute little dribbly dog...and a roof over my head...............lots of hugs everyone.............roll on summer........:-)

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Yay that's the spirit take one day a a time thinking as positive as you can... We all have bad spots so let's all make the most of the good times

VG x


hi hobbyiloli... forgot already!! hahaha that was a mouth full to remember there :-/

got to have some spirit about us at times or it will take over!!!!

i have a house pretty much on the go all the time so its difficult to be in a depressive mode as got to keep a good strong head on the old weak shoulders as i say sinking in my chair tapping away on the keys.

aww sorry your poochy is not so good but has you there to help and wipe away his little dribbles.

i was tiny micro doggy sitting yesterday for a chiawawa that is smaller than my kittens for my daughters best friend whilst they went for a meal and a catch up, my big white german shepherd was very intrigued to say the least (if that is the rite word) she just likes to look after little animals, we have 2 kittens and one sneakly got out into back garden and she was shoving her with nose to make her come back in again.

no one dare come up the garden stairs with her as her bark is worse than her bite but she is a big softy.

pets are part of the family ,, we work a lot and we spend our evening in kitchen with her so she gets a lot of attention. knocking on a bit now though as nearly 5yrs old.

how old is your doggy ?

hmmmm patches ?? only patches i have tried is heat pads and tens machine other than that lyrica and pain meds, but being refered to pain management :-/ we shall see this is 2nd time refereal for me.

OOOooooo and as for SOFAS!!! i am a sofa Queen as everyone says. i have lived in this house for 18/19 yrs and had 13 sofas!! i miss my previous massive red one, now i have a little leather brown one a bargain at 40.00 and was in mint condition and now the kitttens have utterly ruined it so keep it covered and i have a cream one which is constantly covered up but that cost me quite a lot of money as i saved for it. (my daughter says mum whats point no one ever sees it for the throw over lol) the kittens have pulled that one too on the edges and they have lots of toys and scratch things.

i am a big interior lover of doing things designing but do it so so cheap! no one believes how cheap i do.. shhhh what they dont know hahah.

i really would love a velvety one now in either a dark brown, or deep emerald green, or deep velvety pink as my room is gold , green and has a massive rose feature wall.. all bargains.

well was from inherited money actually so i can say this came from Nanna.

anyway blimey you get to know i do gabble gabble and happy for any inbox chats too xxxxxxx take care and keep a little smile going as it goes a long long way when others see you even if we suffer so muchly

huggles xxxxxxx cazzie xx


Hi fairycazzie

You sound a lot like me, I do actually live alone but still manage to have a busy household. My dribbly little mutt is seven this year. She has not been very lucky in health ( we make a good team ) she has had loads of operations on her big floppy ears - she has something called Zepps condition. two of the ops were major. This resulted in deafness. Then last year she was nearly killed in a horrendous attack by two Staffies. She wasn't expected to live but she is strong-willed. It has taken months & months to get her up and about but one of the dogs has bitten through the nerve that feeds the face, this means she cannot blink one of her eyes and has no feeling in that side of her face. She dribbles quite a lot. Its a bit like when you've been to the dentist. She can't tell when she has got a bit of food stuck in that side of her mouth. So she then shakes her head and bits of food and dribble go flying around the room. If you have seen the film Hooch...believe me it gets everywhere. As well as her I have twin three year old grandchildren that love to come and wreak havoc...........I love them all dearly .. so my house has loads of throws,,furry ones ,tartan ones. I like to change my bits & bobs around a different look..When I am at my best My favourite hobby is going to the car boot & finding basement update. Last year I found an old dresser being sold for a fiver in my local recycle centre. Did a paint job on it in stages and after a couple of months it looked fab.............. I had lst suite for a few years, mine was cream leather, have now gone texture crazy. My room is cream but highlighted with greens reds & pinks.

I had Lyrica for a while ..Gabapentin...and many..many others. Three or so years ago I ended up having a Gastric bleed, mainly due to long term NSAIDs. Since then I seem unable to take tablet form medication. So now I am on the Bupranorphine patches , Omeprazole (for my tummy) & Amitryptiline at night for sleep benefit. Other than these I only take vitamins, CoQ10- Selenium A.C.E - D + Evening primrose oil for age related female problem. I seem to be so much more settled - not quite so up and down with flares. Still have some pain is still is the exhaustion..but on an even keel...not to drastically..flaring..

Oh dear I seem to have waffled on quite a I will come to a close...wishing you well as possible......xxxxx hugs


Hi Hobbly Lolly (?)

It's lovely that you're so cheerful and positive. Many people are feeling down right now and it's good to hear from someone who's looking at the bright side.

Anyway, feeling up or feeling down, we're all here for each other. Love the interior decorating tips - I'm a bit stuck with magnolia, green and pink, My daughter says I'm old fashioned - the cheek!

Love - Moffy x


Hi ladymoth,

Well I have been on for a good moan at times but at the moment I am not doing. to bad, My Physio has been going well and I have started going for a swim again with my daughter. Once a week when it is possible....I don't go mad just a quiet swim back and forth until my body says ' go home time' . I think it helps to try and do things when possible...there are enough times I'm stuck in with the pain & everything else.

I'm with you on the cream , pink & such thing....everyone has their own take on decor....Do your own thing....I best bits and bobs are re-painted--up-cycled---or car-boot buys......I just love doing my own quirky things..

love & hugs


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