Just an update about my work situation (follow on from my post last night)

Hi all - just a quick update.

spoken to my union today and explained what was going on and he said that as soon as i handed in my 'fit for work' note with resrictions i was covered under the disability and equality act which mean my employer has a legal obligation to help me and to meet the restrictions listed in the note and if they fail to do so i can make a formal complaint about them and what they are doing. I explain to him that although the doctor had ticked all the boxes (amended hours, amended working, working restricitions and phased return) he had left what needed to happen blank as the gp had said i am best to come to my own argreement with my manager. the union rep told me this was also fine as long as my manager agreed it was ok which he did (even though he chose to ignore everything!)

so, i go to work tonight after leaving a message last night to say i would not be doing the job i was meant to do as i couldnt do it and that i would be going onto checkouts to be taken into the office by a different manager and told that i need to get everything in writing from the doctor as what i was telling them may not be true (she didnt word it quite like that but thats what she meant) and if i refused to bring another note they would apply for my medical records! i booked an appointment with my gp straight away and im tempted to tell them to get my medical records just to prove to them once and for all that i am not making anything up and am actually ill!

luckily my union rep was very helpful and as soon as i said i had fibro he understood how i would be affected within the workplace (literally the only person ive not had to explain fibro to!) he is sending me a letter to give to my employer to request an official meeting to outline everything they need to be doing to help me. the union rep said he will attend if i need him to or i can use the rep in store but think he will be the best option as the rep in store really annoys me!

im still feeling very down about my work environment, it still feels like everyone is against me but at least i may be making tracks to make things better for myself until i find something else. :-)

hope everyone is feeling as well as can be



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  • Hi just read through your post and i am glad that things are looking better for you xx

  • thank you :-)

    im praying this is going to help but knowing my employer they will still carry on but at least now i know i can do something if they do continue how they are


  • That's good to hear Hj, fingers crossed it all works out well for you. Please keep us posted. Take care. :)

  • thank you, i hope so to


  • Well done Holly, now they will have to pull their socks up and start to obey the law and be accomodating towards you.

    Julie xx

  • thank you julie, it has made me feel a bit more positive even if that positive was knocked out of me as soon as i got to work! at least i know the positive feeling will come back tomorrow when i present them with my new gp's note!


  • Good luck hope it gets sorted to your satisfaction that sounds a bit pompous well good luck hope it all works out I would cross my fingers for you but it hurts so I will think it instead . Ttfn Sithy

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