Hello everyone I had a a bad end of my day at work my manager on letters told me I'm not sorting quick enough I told him it's cos of my fibromyalgia and I get in alot of pain but he don't seem to understand he thinks I should be able to sort the same as everyone else and when I told him that I've got my workplace assignment next week he asked me what it's for and when I said he thinks cos I can't do much I might end up bk on letters I've told my union rep she's going to have a word with him tomo matthew

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  • Some people should not be managers, in my opinion. I see the job of a manager as being constructive not dishing out criticism, he probably had a bad day too, don't let it drag you down you can only do your best xx

  • Oh no hope they sort it out for u

  • Oh so sorry , I had something similar where I worked , she got me so stressed even told me my job was at risk , I ended up going off sick , not intentionally,I became so unwell now unable to work , try not to worry get the union on side , my mistake I did not , keep your chin up , it all works out in the end ..

    Hugs Chris

  • Yep and me! I should have gone to union but didn't. I got better, opened a domestic cleaning company, went to hat to a new customer, it was my boss from previous job. Didn't get the work and thought I'd better render my resignation pretty damn quick! Moral of this was my ex boss did me a huge favour as my business took off and I employed 28 people! Made sure I treated them well, unlike my previous boss! Lol😀😀😀

  • Awwww that's gd to hear that things have worked out for u volatileval

  • Good for you , my manager quietly left the company . I was so upset to late for me ,but she not in a position now to hurt anyone else she works on post office counters now in a village shop .

  • Am talking many years ago, I'm now retired after a very interesting life - including 3 husbands!

  • Gosh you tried 3 times , once was an experience,

    Chris 😁

  • Still with No.3, been together over 20 years! But no 2 comes to visit!

  • Good friends that nice , wouldn't want to cross the rd to see mine .

  • Definitely go to rep. Good luck!

  • Oh dear sorry to hear that, hope the rep sorts it out for you, good luck 😃

  • This manager is nothing but a ignorant ???????????........... people like that are a complete disgrace.... take him to the dungen and give him 40 lashes.......... your union rep will deal with it, good for you my friend, pls let us know how you get on :) xxx

  • I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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