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Cutting out sugar?

Hi, just wanted to ask if any of you have cut out sugar from your diet and if so has it made a difference? I read somewhere that with Fibro we shouldn't have sugar so I am at that point now where I am so desperate I will try anything. Only started it a week ago and I don't know if it's wishful thinking but I don't seem so sluggish and feel like I have the flu! Thank you x

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Lol I read an article recently that artificial sweetners and caffiene were bad for fibro .. Decided to try it ..... down to one cup of coffee a day and no sweetners in it just sugar instead ... Hasn't stopped body pain but has definitely helped with fibro fog. I feel much more with it. I haven't used sugar for years only sweetners feel much more alert dropping sweetners and having that bit of sugar.


I stopped caffine as part of alow oxulate diet and was much better till I had it by mistake and was really twitchy, shakey and in pain.


Thanks to the both of you. Yes, I agree about the caffine and cut that out a couple of years ago, but not the sugar! x


I think everyone should use as little refined sugar as possible - our bodies don't need it, and it leads to overweight and tooth decay. We are able to manufacture our own sugar by eating complex carbohydrates and fruit n'veg.

There is a lot of evidence that refined sugar can worsen I.B.S. which a lot of us suffer as part of the bag of fibro delights - it certainly upsets me in that way.

I am sure that the occasional sweet treat does no harm, but I wouldn't indulge regularly!

As for artificial sweeteners, I'm still out on that, but I think it's best to use them very sparingly if at all. Many people have reported joint pains after using Aspartame, for example.

Hope this helps.

Moffy x


Thanks Moffy, it makes sense what you say x


Problem is if you followed all the different dietry advice you'd be eating nothing but nuts and carrots!

Ohh nuts - I'm alllergic to carrots.

Right off for a nice nut cutlet ........ and a pecan danish, that's okay isn't it?

Julie xx


Hi Julie

I am a veggie so a nut cutlet sounds good and the pecan danish even better! lol x


Hehehe! Sorry, but too many carrots can make your skin turn yellow! Perhaps it's best to eat nothing at all except the odd lettuce leaf and nuts if you don't have an allergy!

Luv, Moffy


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