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I have got a water infection and have blood in my urine it has been couple days now so am going tomcall GP and get to see a nurse practioner or doctor this morning as i def need some strong antibiotics as nothing is workingbeen drinking lots of fluid water based and also bought over the coumter cystitis powders but it not toucjing it so will insist i see someone today and get the tablets in my system

great more tablets to throw into my body lol i already take so mny oh well never mind love to you all Diddle xxxxxx

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Hi Diddle

hope you get in at the docs today and get the treatment you need. These infections are awful arnt they. Hope you are soon better.

Sue xx


hey diddle.

no wonder you have been more poorly then usual if you have an water infection you must see a gp and get sorted and your right put your foot down and demand to be seen xx take care xx


gm, soz your not well, you need to drink water and cranberry juice but see your doc asap.. i have one kidney and have lost one to infections yrs ago, and this one is going the same way, please don't drink lots of alcohol,. fluids are needed so you don't dehydrate, tc soma x


Hope everything went well for you today Diddle, take it easy this weekend! :)


hope you got the meds you needed, I have had plenty of these over the years. The over the counter powders are only really useful to delay matters if you cant get to a Doctor. Hope you are feeling bettter xx


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