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Off to the clinic for scans today

Morning all

Well off for my scans today, 9 40 appointment, feeling a little apprehensive, more for what CAN`T be done , than what Can be done. I suppose really, because there are so many things I`m told I have to put up with, and do, but this problem would not be very nice, however, must look on the bright side. I am having to drink 2 pints of water an hour before scan, and that I don`t look forward to especially with my tummy condition, but hey, what goes in, must come out eventually, hopefully not before time. Hope the rest of you out there[I`ve quickly looked at one or two of the blogs, so know you`re not feeling too bright]will have a better day than you`re expecting, [ chin up folks, and carry on with the fight ]and I will be thinking of you , and sending good thoughts. Will let you know how I got on, when I get back. Off to have a boozy time with the water.

Hugs to all

Lyndia x

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Good luck with holding 2 pints of water in .... Hope the scan goes ok and the results are good

Yours crossing my legs in sympathy

VG x


Ooh er - that brings back uncomfortable memories! Hope it all goes OK, Lyndia :)

Moffy x


best of luck try not to think about the water too much \:) glugg gin


Hope all goes well for you today and that no dripping taps cause an unfortunate urge!




Hope all goes well Bernadette xxx


Really hope they find something that can be fixed, good luck & will be thinking of you, hope its not too long for the results.xx


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