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Why would i need to see an orthoptist?

Hi i went to see an ophthalmologist earlier & after him dilating my pupils & looking into my eyes he promptly said i needed to see an orthoptist urgently? He didnt say what he saw or what was wrong. I have a rathkes cleft & pituitary microadenoma ( which endocrinologist says are incidental findings & has signed me off his list) optician said i had perfect 20/20 vision just a slight problem with left side peripheral vision. For which i was referred to eye specialist. I constantly have a heat wave effect shimmer but can see everything clearly though despite this & a constant headache which often progresses into migraines... Im on 6th day of pregablin & duloxetine after fibro diagnosis which does help with pain... Its still there but i just feel detached from it. Any ideas??

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Hi Bluebell

Interested to hear you take Plaquenil. I was prescribed it in 2001 after my Hughes diagnosis but came out in a horrendous rash, so was put onto Mepacrine which hasn't affected my eyes but I have black nails which look horrible.

I am 62 and was also asked about a childhood squint as apparently they can recur in adulthood. Thankfully it wasn't! There was talk of prisms on my reading glasses to make my left eye go the right way, but managed to sort it with exercises three times a day to make my eyes converge. Must have been going wrong for years as I had given up on books with small print, but am now able to manage it. I was told my eye problem was probably age related. Grrrrrrr


Hi bluebell 99 thanks for that i'd never even heard of an orthoptist before!?! I've never had trouble with my eyes before just think its coincidental that i have 2 cysts on my pituitary gland & loss of peripheral field of vision in my left eye. I have an appointment on the 12th june as orthoptist travels over from England so cant see her before then. Thankyou so much for replying & putting my mind at ease :) good luck with your treatment xx


Hi Manx1

I am so sorry to read that you are being given all of this extra stress and worry. If I have one piece of advice it would be to not think the worst. We (as people) have a habit of thinking the worst case scenario for everything and 9 times out of 10 we have worried for nothing!

So please find out why for the orthoptist before you start worrying?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


The opthalmologist will write to whoever referred you so they would be the best person to speak to as to,why you've been referred to an orthoptist. Orthoptists are like physios but deal with eye problems. One of my eyes was drifting out instead of in when I was trying to read or do any close work so I was getting dreadful headaches. I had some exercises and now am fine.

Good luck.


orthoptists as well as prescribing prisms to relieve double vision (or make it easier to maintain single vision) also do peripheral field tests - so maybe just that ophthalmologist wants an up-to-date field plot


Hi everyone thanks for the replies!

I received an appointment today for 12th of june to see orthoptist then ophthalmist an hr after. So not to long to wait. Thinking it'll be about my peripheral field as have really good vision ( aside from the constant heatwave effect) lucky im being seen as soon as lady is back from her holidays & on the island... I think she comes over here once a month. Many thanks again for everybody's support. Wishing everyone the best of luck with their treatments etc xx


Sweetheart believe it or not your eyes are the biggest muscle in your body. Crazy ugh. I get inflammation in my eye from time to time and it's serious and painful. Hope you start feeling and seeing better so very soon!!! xxxx Mitzi


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