Went to GP today and sadly everything I discussed is down to Fibro

I have pain in my feet/ankles arms/elbows knees and spine. According to GP, who was in good mood today, Fibro attacks muscles and ligaments holding the joints which causes pain. In contrast to his colleague he thinks there is no inflammation round my knee (just fat not swelling) AND whilst there is no cure EXERCISE is good. He said they usually try and catch it before it becomes a disability - however ive never met anyone who was successfully treated in the early stages - have you??? Treatment only given once a person is bedridden. Any way I'll continue with the exercise and would urge anyone else who feels strong enough to do the same

Gentle hugs my lovely Fibro friends xxx


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  • hi Jeannie, I'm sorry you have fibro, but I'm pleased it's not anything else as well. I was only dx'd when it was already well established.

    I'm having similar to you, plus my calf and thigh muscles have been in spasm all day. Let's hope for a good day tomorrow.

    regards, sandra.

  • Morning Jeanie and Sandra hope you both managed to rest ................ I am joining you on calf spasm they are hard and feel tight I've been tryin to loosen them but to no avail.

    Warm water helps X gins

  • Morning girls

    Me too. The last few nights if I stretch out in bed I end up with the most awful cramps in my legs and feet. Doc has upped my Gabapentin for now so we will see. I walk every day and try and do gentle exercise which I do a Gymaphobics. They let me do what a can. It certainly helps but I find it diesn't last long.

    Hugs xxxx

  • Warm water definitely helps Ladies. I was on Fentanyl which made me a walking zombie. I used the last of my saving and bought a Hot tub and hey presto I don't use the Fentanyl hardly now. I still have pain but it's no were near as bad. I use the hot tub morning and night. Don't get me wrong I still has the Fibro Fog and have a problem with my blood clotting, diabetes, osteo and the typical high blood pressure, poor sleeping pattern which I use amitriplyne for but life in definitely better. My physio suggested the hydrotherapy, but the pool was miles away and I don't drive, hence why I went full tilt and bought the hot tub as a last resort, worth every penny, and because I am classed as Chronically ill I didn't have to pay the vat. Sandra x

  • Morning, I was diagnosed last month or so. Which took me 10 years to find out as they kept blaming my pain on my weight.

    Since finding out I have FMA I have been offered hydrotherapy pool sessions, when I found out i have FMA I also found out I have hyper mobility to.

    I have a question about restless leg syndrome as I think I might have experienced it the other night, does it feel like you have creepy crawlies (spiders/ants) going up your leg as I had that sensation the other night and had no idea what was going on, I then had a dream that night there was spider in my bed haha :)

    I have just started a course at college to ocupie my time and I have found out a woman on my course also has FMA.

    Thanks and enjoy your day :) :)

  • For restless legs, I find that Magnesium CITRATE (not oxide as that can give you a runny tummy) works well. Around 200 - 300mg a day and within a couple of weeks you may see the benefit. It does feel like something is crawling right up inside your leg, and I sometimes want to kned or thump the area to distract my brain, as that is less uncomfortable than the crawling sensation. Having said that, I always know when I have missed a few doses of the Magnesium, my legs tell me!!

  • hi susan20067389 yes that is what my restless legs are like really horrible sensation, not surprised about the dream tho, it seems to take years for it to be diagnosed which usually means it has progressed to causing more problems. I am very fortunate as i was under an ( whoops fibro moment ) orthopedic surgeon( who was gorgeous) who referred me to rhuematologist , i am one of the very lucky 1s whose meds control it most of the time so apart from being disabled from birth i can still do most things even if in a different way, physio has been a life sentence for me so maybe it does help ? gentle hugs back Jeannie and i hope the exercises help

  • Thanx - do you think it would b worth my while seeing a Rheumatologist as my understanding is the specialise in joint muscle and ligaments. I was diagnosed by my Endocrinologist as I'm hypo thyroid too

  • yes i do they are the experts in this field so would be the best people to see maybe your endocrinologist would refer you or your GP ,

  • I have been led to believe that FMS is now also in the hands of Neurologists (some of who believe a lot of the symptoms of FMS are down to constricture of the spinal cord in the cervical (neck) area - cervical stenosis). Some rheumatologists are still doing diagnoses, although in my area it has changed already from what I have gathered.

  • Hi guys my fibro was in full swing when I was diagnosed.

    I haven't been diagnosed with restless leg but I'm beginning to think I have it from the symptoms I've read and from my own experience thanks guys now all I need is to see The right Dr . Sithy

  • hi jeannie i am sorry to hear that . i have all your problem for 5 years and i am bedridden too i can not exercise because of the pain but in swimming poll i feel better if you try i think it would be best with best wishes

  • Sorry to hear that Jeannie, emityripilene (cant speel for diamonds) helps my restless legs, if I dont take my blue tablet of above name, I simply cant sleep at all, I know that I cant sleep all the time regardless, and often wake up but it definitely helps.

    I think one of the reasons they encourage us to go for walks (or stretch ourselves) is because it stops us from seizing up too much, I know we will always feel as if we are seized up but its supposed to help a bit. Also if I go on a little walk I find ok I feel like a sick daft bird and often ask myself out loud "Are you right in the head, you half wit if anyone sees you they'll think you're daft.", but it realeases the feel good endorphins that fibro wont let you realease, so it's like you're doing it to spite it, that's the only time I feel like fibro is personified, because I know it's one up for me (I'm winning), even if part of me aches when I come home, I still have feel good hormones in me, for that day anyway, though as everyone here knows if you do too much, you feel worse, afterwards, and I go "Why are you so stupid to do that much ahhhh" (in a lot of pain and extra weak", I'm sure everone knows what that feels like, gentle hugs pets xxxxx

  • Gentle hugs!! Yes I also feel I can vent my anger thru exercise. Although barmy it can be helpful to personalise Fibro. And put up the good fight - when we've got the energy of course!!!!

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