i justn posted a blog saying now going to sleep dont care how but am went to switch this off and to be all quiet and ow the police helicopter is hovering and buzzingaround the skies it is so loud cant sleep what have i done lol or are they looking for me ? ha ha will prob have headlight shining in my room in bit and men looking at me ha ha oh well now off fpr def this time love to you all diddle xs

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  • My neighbour came home from a night out at four am then turned his music on..... so know how you feel! I've been awake since 3am, and can't sleep as waiting for a delivery... hope you manage to rest today sweetie!

  • oh thats not very considerate of your neighbour . hope your delivery comes early so you can hopefully get a nap in love to you diddle x

  • Don't believe this but we also had a helicopter buzzing around for ages last night. I know why but it certainly doesn't help when you are trying to get some sleep.

  • no it was the police one lol then i worry that someone lurking about and up to no good lol so that dont help with sleep either does it ha ha cant win and why do they always seemas thogh they are right above my house !!!!!!! i havent done anything honest !!!!! perhaps they want to catch me for buying all the carrot cake ? or a carrot cake factory has been burgled and i am no 1 suspect lol love to you diddle x

  • thats funny we had the police helicopter go over last night as well. we are either all in the same area or the police were very

  • i am in lowestoft suffolk lol love to you diddle x

  • i had helicopter too,i am in the midlands,very wierd and not helpful when we all need are sleep to help us copeduring the day

  • Police helicopter was also flying over Bangor last night! they really were busy. Like you diddle I was starting to wander who they were looking for and how close they were! not great when all you want is sleep!

  • they seek himhere they seek him there lol well i know they were'nt after me then not if they were all over the place love to you diddle x

  • Well its okay if the men look at you Diddle but we dont want them to carry you off! xx

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