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I posted a while ago about having the Atos Training file but I couldn't remember where I had put it on my computor lol. Here is the link for it

I used this in my assessment and I have DLA HRM/MRC and I am in the support group for ESA. It is not a question of lying or acting its a question of realising what the questions actually mean and why they are asking them.

I know its a lot to read and most of us don't really have the attention span, I was lucky my carer read bits of it and I read the rest. I think it is vitally important that any of us going for a medical, or appealing aginst a decision should read this or have someone read it with you.

It truly shows how sneaky all these 'innocent' sounding questions really are.

If this helps just one person get through this nightmare I will be a happy lady.

Gentle hugs to all and good luck

Helen x

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  • The page is unavailable.

  • Give this one a try. Sorry about that don't know what my fogged brain was up to lol

    Helen x

  • Hi Helen Thank you for posting this

    Mary x

  • Thank you for posting this very enlightening

  • Thanks for sharing this. I have just downloaded it - should make very interesting reading.

    Em x

  • Mal, you're back & just to prove it you're How's you ?

  • Hi MDaisy

    Nice of you to ask. I'm OK, good days and bad days just like everyone else. Not taking kindly to the colder weather.

    Just finished a Fibro Management Course which was very helpful. I've popped in now and again, offering advice where I can, but haven't actually posted anything for a while.

    I hope YOU are doing OK??

    Em x

  • Ups & Downs but I battle on as you say. Fibro Management Course through the hospital referral was it?

  • Yes arranged through the hospital. I've already been on a Pain management Course, but found the actual Fibro Management Course more beneficial.

    Where I live - after diagnosis, you get approx 12 months support to help you to come to terms with and manage the condition. Although 18 months since my diagnosis, it was only last November I saw a consultant who arranged the support, and everywhere I was referred to had waiting lists.

    However by this stage I am thought now capable of managing the condition unaided, so much of the support is coming to an end now.

    At the end of the Fibro Management Course I had to fill in a questionnaire. One of the questions being "If you had to live every day for the rest of your life feeling as you do now, on a scale of 1-10 how do you feel about it?" I replied "Do I actually have a choice here?"

    It really doesn't matter how you feel about it as you have no choice but to live with it, so perhaps they were checking that I have finally realised that fact?

    Nevertheless I feel that thanks to these courses I have come a long way in the 18 months since diagnosis, I now feel we should send DWP and Atos workers on them!

    Em x

  • Thanks for the info.... Can we talk more over private message tomorrow x Emma :)

  • Certainly. I have a repairman coming later, but should be around much of the day, so will reply

    Em x

  • Thank you for posting this. Sx

  • Brilliant! :) Thank you for posting. x

  • Took me ages to read this document....but what an eye opener!! XX

  • many thanx for this info

  • I have had someone ask me how to download the document so if you are having trouble this is how lol. Click on the link and at the top right of the screen you will see pictures for printing or downloading stc. Click on the download button and it will guide you on further.

    @Sue32 yes it is a real eye opener and just shows you how sneaky and underhand this whole thing is. Its no wonder so many of us 'fail' in these tests we are set up to fail from the start. If a business had produced such a document I'm sure they would be up for censure if not prosecution!

    I just hope that it helps someone like it did for me. I did the homework and CAB were brilliant also at explaining what the questions on the ESA50 really meant.

    Good luck to any that are going through this at the moment.

    Gentle hugs to all


  • Thank you so much for posting this.

    I haven't read all of it but skimmed parts. What I find ironic is that it doesn't seem to take into consideration, 'pain' or 'fatigue' and the effects of doing an activity and the pain and/or fatigue that is experienced afterwards which prevents the activities being repeated. It's just can you do it or can't you do it. It's just so black and white, it's crazy.

    Working in pain and fatigue has implications, not just for the sufferer but for the employer, for the work colleagues, for customers or clients and can cause serious damage. It's just all about money at the end of the day and not about doing the right thing.

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