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Washing and ironing!

Who decided we have to wear clothes, whoever it was they couldn't have suffered from fibro!!. Did two short bursts of ironing this afternoon and am now confined to my chair aching all over and stiff as the ironing board I used to iron on. And I had every intention of getting a healthy meal when I had finished. Well, thats gone by the board, had some oven chips followed by a bar of cadburys chocolate and am now half way down a bag of shrimps and bananas. Its never worth the hassle, and I even try to buy everything that needs as little ironing as possible

If I thought I would get out I would go for a nice long soak in a hot bath but don't want to risk gettiing stuck in there for the night. Angela x

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well actually you dont have too you could always become a naturist ????? could start a new trend in your street lol imagine going to asda completely nude lol !! ok til you get to the chillers and the hot chickens ouch any way i do tensd to tumble dry alot of my stuff so no ironing required i know it naughty when the sun shining but there you go oh well have think about the naturist mmmmmmm not for me i dont thinklol love to you diddle x


I don't advocate cooking in the all-together but nude housework is ok!

Know how you feel about the ironing, Ang - that was me on Sunday :-/


Reduce it to absolute minimum,I- no longer iron half of what I used to --struggle to lift the iron ---but if you fold things as they are dry and pile them up they kind of press themselves-don't always think to do it --result more needs ironing


I put everything in the tumble dry, noyt very eco friendly I know but if you get them out still warm and hang them straight up almost nothing creases.

If it does it usually gets given to a sister or charity! The only time I iron is spoecial occassions and army interviews for my son :s


I have been on a pain management course and they tell you to pace yourself .....I only iron 2/3 items when I need them. A suggestion was made at the group that you hold an ironing party and enrol your friends to help ...(thats a joke I have no friends!)


When I had just had my baby and caught a stomach bug my mother-in-law came to help me. Baby crying, me sick, no sign of her. So I crept downstairs, actually had no choice as clutching stomach - she was ironing her sons pants! Thats when I decided I would never do that.

Sheets do not need ironing - fold as soon as dry and if really creased, put on bed and iron in situe! It really works!

Tea towels, towels etc, hang carefully to dry and fold carefully and hey presto no ironing.

Trousers, fold, hang to dry and swipe hand down length to pull some creases out. If you flatten before they dry, including jeans, they barely need ironing. Haven't done them for years and only do if for a very special occasion.

Do not buy natural fabrics with no manmade mix - they always need an iron - or buy stuff thats meant to look unironed! You know the stuff, you twist and coil to put into the suitcase!

Otherwise, hang and put away as soon as dry - do not leave lying about as any movement will cause creases - you know, someone wants something and they are in the way so they get moved and suddenly there is an unmoveable crease right down the middle! Yes I have done it more than once.

Then iron it as you need it. How many times have you ironed something, put it away and needed to iron it again anyway? Well, there you have it, you are doubling your work and didn't need to.

I'm a slob? Maybe, but I don't think it shows!

By the way, one of the questions on the FMS list is 'how often have you done the washing/ironing in the past 7 days?' So, should you be trying this? Nope. You are a daft sausage trying but you should be congratulating yourself on managing any of it at all!

Now that you have done it and told us about it, look after yourself better. There is only one you, but there is always another day!

Soft hugs


simply wonderful, Sarah-Jane! I did similarly for many years.


yes, mine was the same too :-/


Hi Everyone, thanks for your comments. I too only do the bare minimum of ironing and certainly wouldnt iron knickers etc. God know I would be there all day if I did, especially with my other problem!!.

Diddle, loving your suggestion but not sure my neighbours would appreciate me running around naked lol!!. It wouldn't be a pretty sight I can assure you. I nearly gave the bin man a heart attach when he saw me in the garden this morning and that was with my dressing gown on. And no, it wasn't the silky negligee type ha ha. And Asda naked is defo a no no. Jules, you have the right idea, get someone to come in and do it for you.

Take care everyone, Angela x


Hope you enjoyed the chips and choc, Ang. I've only recently started ironing again. Small spurts work best (said the actress to the bishop lol) so ironing no more than 4 or 5 items at a time will make me feel good about having done it, but have left me energy to make a cuppa to sit down with :-D


My ironing board stays up and i ironing little bits at a time.

I have many cheating ways in my life now as i have to just to be able to do simple things in life.

I have trawled the internet for handy tips and advice and bought so many things to make me life easier.

kel xxx


ironing whats that I havent ironed in 2yrs the kids do there own now


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