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I had a text off o2 today saying i can upgrade my phone free so i called them and told them i dont wnt to spend anymore than i am now a month so she is sending me a samsung galaxy ace in purple and i get 200 mins a month talk i get 250 mins a month to other o2 phones and unlimited texts and free wekend calls to any home phone or ntwork so i thought ok i will give it a go and i have 7 days to change my mind so if i dont get on with phone send it back and go back to how i am now lol it is a touch screen phone i am not good with phones but will give it a go lol

love diddle xxxxx

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i am hopeless with mobiles and tech stuff, but my son got me a samsung touch phone like that and i can actually do it! its great, so i am sure you will be ok with it, :)


oh you sound like me so hopefully i will be able to manage it it will take me a few days not like mty daughter gets new phone opens box throws away manuakl and just does it all straighht away lol i take days just to answer a call lol oh well there is hope for me then if you sy they are easy i will no doubt be blogging about my progress or lack of lol love diddle xx


I wonder if you have now signed up for another 12/18/24 months contract!! This is usually what happens with upgrades, check the terms.

If you are happy with that, no worries but it's best to be aware. Personally, mobile phones hold no attraction for me. I have a pay as you go and I doubt I put £10 a year in it.


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