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6;20 pm ,40 mins untill more meds ,i think its such a rubbish day when you clock watch ,and cant wait untill the 4 hours is up !

well only 40 more mins untill i can take more meds ,what a life it is when you look at the clock all day waiting and watching for the four hours is up ,

and the feeling of happyness when you skip (lol i wish ) to the med box ,

im having more and more of these days ,every weekend i have atleast one day where im totally wiped out ,

i think that doing the normal mummy stuff school runs ,looking after the house ,kids etc is taking too many spoons ,people who have read the spoon theory will know what im talking about ,

the thing is i dont do anything else ,just this i dont do anything fun ! nothing exciting ,so why is it doing my day to day tasks is taking all my spoons ,and i think im taking too many to do it ,hence i crash and burn at the weekend ,

plus im now having bad days during the week ,i dont know what to do ,how am i supposed to get a better standerd of life ,i dont do anything fun anymore ,i dont have a social life ,i dont go out ,i dont do anything nice with the kids ,as i cant ,i have to save my spoons to get them clean ,fed ,and to school ,

what a life ! i wish i could have me back or even a little bit back ,

anyone got any clues as to how i get more spoons ?

if you havnt read the spoon theory you probably think i ve lost the plot lol

well i hope everyone else is having a nice weekend hugs to everyone :) xxxxx

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hahaha lol it took that long to write its now 6.35 pm ,god how awful ,it took 15 mins to write a blog , :(


Wish I had some spare spoons to give you Lynz but mine are all used up too. Try and get as much rest in between jobs as you can although I know thats not much consolation. Take care, Love Angela xx


god i wish i could ,and i do really try ,maybe im not resting enough ,thank though xxx


I do this clock watching... I always know a bad day is when I clock watch for pain killers and a good day is when I forget to take them on time (!)


yes i always think it must be a good day if you forget aswell :)


hi and bless ya i know how you feel when you clock watch for ya meds love to you diddle


thanks diddle ,hugs xxx


I also was a clock watcher and on really bad days didn't care and took them any way! I am on patches now and what a relief they are. They don't suit everyone I know but as they give you relief every hour you never clock watch for meds :)


i asked for them but my doc said it was too soon to go on them ,but i somtimes i wish i could ,especially at the mo xx


Sorry to hear that. Just tell your Dr every time you see them how you clock watch for your next pain meds. Maybe there is something different to try. I really was like that for many years and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. X


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