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My daughter jus boundedin from work with her friend and asked if i minded if she went to santa pod for the weekend she is 19 i saui of course not you go for it be lovely but it is because her new bed comes on sat and she did not want me to think she was not bothered but it is fine as my dad is coming round to put it togetherso it does not nmatter if she is here or not just she wont sleep on it until sunday but at least she will appreciate it more bless her but how kind to evben consider asking most people woiuld say we are gouing and thats that

oh to be young with nothing to think about this is what i saiud toher only saturday girls are silly sometimes having babiries at 109 they have done nothing i said you haverat least 10 years before you have babies and your still young a girl she knows of is 19mand got 3 kids by 3 different men and now hqaaving another one !!!!!!! thayts why we were talking about it but how silly she may be the best mum in the world i am not for one min sdaying she isnt but see a bt aof life before you have kids

my daughter said yes i hope to but sometimes accidents happen and yes they do i for one fell pregnant with her on the pill i was 26 and had a 5 year old but she was an accident but there you go

oh well we can all dream but one thing is for sure we have all had our youth and we wont be getting that back ohr i wont anyway love diddle xxxx

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You mention your Daughter in your blogs a lot and she sounds a lovely girl so a happy accident and at least you were in your 20s, x


yes she is a real credit to me i am very proud of both my daughters i bought them up on my own and they have both been good girls and never been any trouble to me love to you diddle x


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