Oh I DO like to be beside the seaside!

Oh I DO like to be beside the seaside!

Hey everyone! Dawn has broken (but we'll sort her out..) It's a lovely day - nice and warm, not too hot and no sneaky little breezes ;) so who's up for a trip to the seaside? :D

I've got a union jack shade thingy (oops forgotten what they're called - anyone help? got 4 leg poles and a canopy over - keep thinking pergola, know that's not right :D!), some bright coloured beach towels AND... bucket and spade!!! Oh yes, when I go to the beach I regress (except I've never 'grown up' so can't really regress haha).

Oh and the fishing nets and crab lines - we have a fab place for crab fishing near us, lots of gorgeous silky sand that's already warm in the sunshine, little rock pools that will be warm to paddle in later.

And my favourite portable sit-upon called a Moon Chair - sooo comfortable, if you haven't tried one then do. Great for wrapping up in fleecy blanket in if it turns cooler too, and don't do deckchairs - they hurt!

So - who's coming? Could do with a picnic... windbreaks... some really FUN things ( :) )... and don't forget your fave book - what would that be? - or knitting.... or....

Come on - let's go! We all need a lovely carefree, painfree, FREE day out :D Look forward to seeing you all...

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  • Hi,

    I can bring a wind break. Had beans on toast last night, so might be a necessity ;)

    For the picnic I shall bring some cherryade to drink (a childhood favourite - anyone remember Corona?), some kettle chips (salt n vinegar) and maybe one of those small disposable bbq's so we can really go for it. I like chicken marinated in Chinese flavour sauce, burgers and sausages as long as they're wheat/gluten free. Been making some pork burgers... OMG they're good!

    Can I borrow your buckets and spade? I don't have one. I can also bring a parasol :)

    So, who wants to dig a big hole?

    Pip xx

  • Great stuff Pip! OMG Corona!! I remember the Corona Man coming to our village with all the lovely coloured bottles...

    Your picnic suggestions are right up my street... laughed out loud about the beans :D :D :D

  • If people are crabbing etc then I have to insist on humane treatment and throwing them back. That includes any jellyfish that might be around. Live and let live and all that.

    I like the idea of the moon chair; I have discovered just how much sitting on the beach can hurt or make me so uncomfortable! Swimming is a must! Floating in the cool sea is just so free-ing.

    Bar-b-q on the beach! Need to bring the veggie food for those of us not eating meat and sandwiches for those that prefer them. How about a picnic blanket with a large net to keep the wasps and flies at bay.

    I have spare buckets etc for those that need them Pip, so no worries there. Oh and I'll be sure to bring the paper towels and wet wipes for all that sticky food. :D


  • No worries LadyT... we always keep them cool in lots of water then throw them back! Love your suggs - good thinking x

  • 10p when you took the Corona bottle back too :)

    I also have a beach tent to bring. Lovely for those of us who like to be in the shade. My dog likes it too ;) Somewhere to go after chasing his ball, and chasing his ball, and chasing his ball ;) Ooh, is he allowed to come too? He's very well behaved, small and a complete softie xx

  • oooh fabby doodah... let those dogs free! Like the black lab in the post photo they love a day on the beach doing stuff with their best hum-mates, and the other dogs. Plenty of room for everyone to be on whatever behaviour they like - ok within some reason!

  • What a good idea, I would love to come too as long as I don't even have to dip my toe in freezling sea, spuddling in warm rock pools will be just lovely ....cor... you're brave Lady wanting to float in the sea - kudos to you :-) Wowee yes, I too remember the Corona, but I never liked fizzy drinks.......... all change now tho , I love bubbles but purely of champagne variety so I will bring some of that (meds be dammed must celebrate end of summer, and at least this year we have had a proper one :-)

    I'll pop up the gazebo and get a good barbecue going, being cordon bleu myself, I will leave the cooking to pip as she has really good ideas. (I will bring a VERY sophisticated nitpic for those not wanting barbecue ) I also have a humane wasp deterant, they love it and get drunk at the same time, so much so that they can't figure the way out again, oh dear ;-) Meanwhile I'll sort out someone to do the Punch and Judy show - never liked it much myself due to all the bashings ;-) but the sausage bit will get the doglets going.

    Brain just going into under-drive at the moment, so I will make haste slowly and join you with great joie de vivre, hoorah, hoorah it's a holi holiday :D :D

  • Oh! my Foggy friend I agrre so much with you lets say tata to summer in style


    I've got proper cumberland sausage for theBBQ if anyone fancies?


  • GAZEBO!!!! Thanks Foggy, knew someone would know! Let the Champers flow...

  • Coronaaaaaa! Does anyone remember Cremola foam? Think it might be a Scottish drink. Probably full of E numbers and goodness knows what. Red kola anyone?

    Ainsley Harriot has a good veggie burger recipe, chickpeas, courgettes, carrots, peanut butter, curry paste. Lovely.

    Buckets and spades are in the boot.

  • I liked the sound of that until I saw it had Peanut Butter in it. Can we leave it out or do I have to miss out again?

  • I really don't like pbutter but this is really nice, think it's to help it all stick together along with an egg. You could maybe add an extra egg instead, or something else that's sticky.

  • Hi sorry I'm late I couldn't find my spring suit can't have it going rusty!

    Anyone for ice-cream? yummy... many flavours all calorie free so eat as much as you like :)

    I'm thinking of going to the penny arcade LOL after lunch of course :)


  • Mmmm. Have you got apricot? Tried it in France many years ago, haven't seen it since.

  • Had hazelnut ice cream at a nearby 'posh' restaurant. I can't explain how delicious it was. I'll have that and choc ice cream too, with extra choc :P xx

  • I make a peanut butter and choccy ice cream, is that any good ? :D. ..... Hands one to pip for her delectation

  • Not bad Foggy, but needs more chocolate ;) xx

  • Sorry I've been gone so long. I got lost in the sand dunes... and no I didn't go in there to do you know what. I'll have you know I'm a recent purchaser of a shewee. Haven't tried it yet - looks difficult ;)

    If we're having champagne (or sham-pag-nee as I like to call it), we must do the British thing and have strawberries and cream. I'll bring a few punnets :) We could have single cream, double cream or just be outright naughty and go for clotted cream. Yummy heaven!

    BBQ now ready for food. I have one where we have two grills side by side, so good for a meat side and veggie side. No cross-contamination :) We aim to please.

    Anyone fancy a bbq'd banana. Split it on one side, add a tiny amount of Cointreau, wait till the skin goes black (banana now cooked through) and eat with ice cream, which Zeb has kindly brought :)


  • Obviously peel the banana first ;) xx

  • yummmmmmmmy! pip good idea :)

  • I'll bring the clotted cream, pure Devon clotted cream scrumpdiddlyumptious :D

  • Clotted cream from Devon... I'm here with my tablespoon..! xx

  • good old Shewee - friend of mine sent me one a while back as we had often talked about What To Do When You Need To Go. Frequently in both our cases, and most inconvenient time... so when she went to some fair thingy and saw them she hjust had to get me one too. It arrived in the post with a note saying 'saw this, thought of you' :D never heard of another until now...

  • Me me me zeb :-) please may I have a Mr Whippy humongous size sprinkled with toasted hazelnuts ... :D :D :D

    Does her rough interpretation of a happy dance, falls over and has completely lost the plot.......no change there then ;-)

  • Is that with or without flake? xx

  • Nah, no flake thanks extra nuts tho :-)

  • Well I knew that ;)

    Oh, you mean extra nuts on the ice cream :) xx

  • I daren't carry anything that large after I bust my spring at the tea party after over indulging in sugar and caffeine LOLOL :)

    However, I shall see what I can do.....

    .... hehe very lucky my freind just heard your request and brought some supplies so lets get busy making this huge Mr Whippy, I'll require lots of help!!

    ooh! I do love constructing things......sandcastles......sorry!

    Back to the job at hand!

  • Is now reclining with tummy the six of a six months pregnant lady sticking out.......feeling somewhat icky but just so happy to have had a fun day with friends, indulge .......yes, that's it, indulge ourselves with what we like with good friends. Thanks for organising such a fun day Frangi, we must have some more of these, get our spirits up in the lead up to (whispers....winter sshhhh)

    Yours tiredly exhaustedly thankful, Foggy x

  • you're very welcome Foggy - seemed like just what was needed :)

  • Yeah! thanks Frangi its been a fabulous day :) Hope Foggy will be ok after all that ice-cream oh! but it is nice to indulge hee hee :) and Pip did wonders with the BBQ too, those bananas were fabtasticly yummy! :)

    Cheers everyone :)


  • you're welcome Zeb! hope the spring has survived the sea air (I know what it does to my car!) ;)

  • I'm feeling blissfully happy. I smell of sun cream and the beach. Mmmmmmm! Food has been excellent, but the company has been exceptional. Thanks for a lovely day out all. Can't wait for our next adventure ;)

    Pip xx

  • Hi all sounds like you had a great day, I've been up the hospital most of the day with my friend whose severely partially sighted, they are giving her special injections in one I to see if they can improve it, it's something new and all trial an error, we were up there 5hour they were a man down or something, ....hope you all used sun cream ad didnt gt sun burnt......went to the docs yesterday for blood test results to see If I had vitamin D deficiency, as I have been in so much pain, but i dont have the deficiency, just my muscles wasting away, sa la vee, gentle hugs to you all ....Dee x

  • Oooooooo Dee, the mention of injections into the eye has made my legs ache in sympathy. Ive said it before and I will say it again, that you are such a giving person despite all your own health issues. You are an inspiration here, particularly to me!! :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • Thnx for that foggy, but I feel I'm no better that ny oe lse on ere including yourself, u re in just as much pain as the rest of us, but yet you still manage to find to here us up also to listen to others mons and groans and to give out advice, I bet someday you could do with out it, wished you lived nearer I'd pop in for offer or tea or even a glass of water lol entl hugs to you ...Dee x

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