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There is an advert on telly and its the british gas one with the men they are sort of cartoon and half real they have just got heads a body and that is joined straihght onto legs and i ind it really creepy i can hardly look at them they make me feel ill do you know the one i mean it is really strange i know but i just dont like things like that i also hate being near the bottom of a boat like if you go to a lifeboat station and you can walk around it i dont like being near them i know you are all probabaly thinking i am very strange but it just a couple of things i dont like lol i bet you have all got some weird things you do not like come on now be honest love diddle xx

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Hi diddle funnily enough i can't stand the gas advert, it looks weird. The other ads i dont like are go compare & meerkat simples !! hope you doin fine today, take care mary xx.


lol i dont like go compare the meerkat i dont mind but thatgas one is weird it is creepy i am so glad you know what i mean olol thought i was the only one ha ha love diddle xxx


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