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i really dont know if i can be bothered

i applied for dla last year ,after what seemed like months of them saying they where waiting for docs reports etc ,i was denied ,i appealled and was denied ,

the way the leter was written upset me so much ,in my rational half of my brain i know its just a standard letter for everyone ,but my unrational part, i was devastated i felt like it was a personal attack on me ,

saying that i can cook a meal for one safly ,i can walk perfectly fine etc

the questions ask ,(over and over )can you do this task with out being in pain so you answer no im in agony,so then they have you !

,so you can walk then !

i have gotten far worse ,deteriated alot ,my 15 yr old daughter does 99percent of the cooking for me ,cause icant be trusted with hot pans etc

well the list goes on and on ,

the point im getting to ,when i read all the peoples blogs ,about dla ,appealing ,esa ,tribunals ,etc etc , i really dont know if i can put myself through it again ,it just seems like fighting a losing battle

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Hiya Lynz you dont have to do this on your own, you can get someone like the CAB or Disability Group to help complete the form. We all know that its how the form is written very often that gets the results as well as the backup from your GP and other healthcare specialists. They know the wording etc. that the DLA people are looking for so I certainly would give it a try. I know its a long drawn out process and very duanting when you have to appeal and go to tribunals etc. but if you can get something its all worth it in the end.

By the time I had gone through so many appeals and tribunals last year I felt a bit like a professional appealer lol.xx Better than a professional mourner though!!!

Dont be put off by your bad experience, everybody I know including the people on this site have had to go through the same procedures and we are all backing you if you decide to go for it.

Take care, love Angela xx


Hi Lynz,

I went to my tribunal yesterday and was turned down which i'm really fed up about! Im still working but have dropped a day which really we can't afford, Ideally i need to drop another as i'm struggling and just thought even if it was the lowest paid element it would help a little financially. I applied online and didn't make a very good job of it if i'm honest! But what I want to get at is I'm going to leave it maybe a month and I'm putting in a fresh claim. I'm going to try and get some help like everyone has said. I no its a lot of hassle and we don't need it but I think we should try and fight this system as we don't want this illness and to be fair its not going to go away.

Don't be put off Lynz you deserve it, keep fighting!

Take care

Sharon xx


Hi lynz, i am like you i deteriorated so much that i use a wheel chair now but you should ask for a OT referal off your gp they will help with equipment toom, also you can request an accessment off adult social care for help with personal care alittle light house work and even for a carer to take you out shopping hydro coffee what ever you want it is paid for by the nhs also if you cant walk you may be entitled to a wheelchair which you need your gp or OT to refer you it takes a couple of weeks but it will also help your claim too

And they turn everyone down to disuade peple from appealing and we have the latest changes in policies as the way our abilities effect us must fit into the law!!

Give yourself time to see if you can get any of these things , 'catch your breath' then try again, after all the government are encouraging our youngsters to gain education or job experiance and your daughter wont be able to if she has to stay home to help you..... play them at their own game!

Good luch hun

Hugs poppy xx


thanks poppy ,im still struggling on with crutches and sticks at the mo ,when its at its worst ,as i have to keep going because of the kids ,

but saying that i dont go anywhere because i cant walk far ,my younger daughter wanted me to go up the shops to spend her birthday money ,but i couldnt go as i knew i wouldnt beable to walk with her ,i maybe would have managed one and then had to go home ,not much of a life really , xx


thank you so much ang ,thats made me feel so much better ,

i think your right ,i have to do it diferently this time and get some help to fill the forms in ,and make sure i speek to my gp and tell him how much i struggle ,and how much my daughter is doing ,i hate to say it but she is becoming my "carer " i hate having to admit that ,

thank you again xxx


just a second thought, have you got a shopmobility scheme near you?

It costs £15 a yr as a member and just £1 a day for hire its usually attatched to a main carpark in town centres they are brilliant I have my wheel chair but enjoy the independance of not having to wait for someone else to push me, they can put a crutch mount on the back of the bugys so they can store easily with you/

hope this helps . you can go online and search for your nearest shopmobility scheme , hope this helps

hugs poppy xx


Hi there,sounds like you have been through quite an ordeal,so wish it was different there is much to learn in this country sadly! I am way too scared to even try getting any kind of disability benefit due to so many people going through the same traumatic experience as yourself, i work part time and find that difficult,there is NO way i could work full time it takes all my energy doing what i do already!! i really hope things work out for you in the very near future, Love and hugs sent your way xxx


God love you, I was denied dla in December, but I told my doctor I'm applying again and he told me to definately do it , because I'm entitled to and should get something, when I told him in January that I was going to re-apply for it again in June, he told me I'd never get it unless I could'nt walk.

My explanation letter of why I was refused, was full of lies, she said I could walk unaided, was able to walk 600 yards around a shopping centre, and could cook and clean for myself. Well of course I never said those things, so I must discuss that again with my doctor before sending my form in again, ( application), but now I'm looking for someone (official) to fill in my form for me, it's too long of course, and cant' fill it all in.

Try not to be too sad, did you get anyone to fill it in for you, gentle hugs and do something that you know will lift your spirits take care xxxx Claire xxx


As others have said Lynz, you don't have to do this on your own. When I was turned down for the third time for ESA I gave up and lived off of my life savings until they were all gone. Eventually I cracked up and ended up in hospital for a month. Then I got help to appeal and got my money back-dated. As I've now also got cancer a MacMillan adviser filled in a DLA application for me. I fully expect to be turned down but will appeal and go to tribunal if I have to.

You are only asking for what you and your daughter need and are entitled to. Have you asked for a Social Services assessment? I did recently and have got some equipment from them like a shower seat etc. They have also said I can have meals on wheels which I will definitely do when I have my surgery etc.

I do know how you feel and how exhausting it all is but you shouldn't be doing it alone.

Whippet x


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